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    The Speak Up Research Initiative, facilitated by Project Tomorrow, gives St. Mary Parish students, parents, and faculty the opportunity to share their viewpoints on education and technology at their schools.

    By participating, you are helping ensure that your voice is heard as we continue to grow and improve our schools. Your feedback will be used to shape decisions regarding technology use in education. Your responses will also be included in important U.S. national and state discussions on digital learning policies, programs, and funding through Project Tomorrow’s release of national data findings each spring. 

    Participation in the Speak Up Survey is always voluntary. The survey has been reopened from February 1 through May 1, 2020. 

    To begin the survey, click the appropriate school name OR copy/paste the survey link into your web browser. Choose the type of survey that is appropriate for you, then answer the questions.  

    Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the bottom of this page, and thank you in advance for your participation. 

School Survey Links

Use the links below to access the Speak Up Survey for the school of your choice

FAQs about the Speak Up Survey

  • What is the Speak Up privacy policy?

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    All responses are secure and confidential. Neither Speak Up nor St. Mary Parish collects any identifying information from participants. The Speak Up Privacy Policy is available on the Project Tomorrow website.

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  • How long does it take to complete Speak Up?

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    Speak Up question sets should take about 20 minutes to complete.

    Surveys consist of a series of multiple-choice questions plus open-ended question(s) (depending on the audience).  

    In addition, on the parent and educator surveys, we ask demographic questions that are optional; we use these responses during our data analysis to provide additional context to our national data findings.

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  • Who is eligible to participate in Speak Up?

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    Speak Up is open to any school, district, and organization that serves K-12 students in the United States and internationally. In St. Mary Parish, we offer surveys for the following stakeholders:

    --Students in Grades 3-5 

    --Students in Grades 6-8

    --Students in Grades 9-12

    --Parents (in English or Spanish)

    --School Employees (Teachers, School Administrators, District Administrators, Librarians, Technology Leaders, and Other School/District Staff)

    --Members of the Community and Business Partners

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