Summer Learning Institute

  • The St. Mary Parish Virtual Learning Program has released information about its Summer Learning Institute that allows high school students to take advantage of the summer break by enrolling in new courses or retaking courses for high school credit.

    Courses offered during the Summer Learning Institute’s 6-week summer session are the same high-quality, instructor-supported courses offered by the Virtual Learning Program during the school year. For the summer session, each course has been condensed to 30 instructional days for 1 credit courses and 15 instructional days for ½ credit courses. Both core courses and electives courses are available. Successful students will find themselves working 10 to 20 hours each week, depending on the intensity of the course selected. Naturally, a core course will require more concentrated effort than most elective courses.

    Students can work from home on their own computers or use portable devices to work from other locations like a hotel room or a relative’s house. The flexible nature of online courses means that students can still participate in normal summer activities as long as time is also allocated to keep up with the weekly course schedule. A parent or guardian will serve as the student's home facilitator and is required to provide computer and Internet access, as well as encouragement and support in a safe learning environment.

    While traditional summer school is usually restricted to students with remediation needs, the SMPVLP Summer Learning Institute encourages students to consider enrolling in a course if

    • The course is not offered at their assigned school.
    • Their schedules are too full to add fun or unusual electives.
    • They have failed a course and wish to retake it to avoid falling behind.
    • Schedule conflicts are preventing students from taking a required course.

    Enrollment in the Summer Learning Institute is open to high school students attending public, private, or charter schools. For students in all St. Mary Parish schools, applications can be obtained from a student's school counselor and will be accepted from May 21 through June 3, 2020. A personal check or money order made out to the St. Mary Parish School Board must accompany each application. All applications must be approved by the school principal and school counselor.

    All courses begin on Monday, June 1, 2020 and end on Friday, July 10, 2020.

    All important SLI dates have been placed on the VLP Calendar

     The following informational handouts include course listings, important dates, and costs: