Grandparents Day

Posted by BES Admin on 11/5/2018

BES will host its annual Grandparents Day on Thursday, November 15th.  All sessions (except for PreK) will be held in the cafeteria. Below you will find the schedule for the day. If you have more than one session to attend and they are scheduled too far apart, you are welcome to leave after the first session and return later in the day. 

8:15-8:45 2nd grade

9:00-9:30 kindergarten

9:45-10:15 3rd grade

12:45-1:15 5th grade

1:30-2:00 1st grade

2:15-2:45 4th grade

Prek will host grandparents 10:00-10:30 in the library.

Due to limited space and preparations, grandparents will not be allowed to eat lunch with their grandchildren on this day. You are welcome to eat with your grandchild any other day if you call ahead of time. You also have the opportunity to eat with your grandchild for Brithday table when the child's parents cannot attend. 

Refreshments will be served in the cafeteria hallway beginning at 8:00 am.  We look forward to seeing you on the November 15th. 

With weather permitting, the back gates will be opened at 7:45 to allow for parking.