Posted by BES Admin on 10/2/2018

Morning Procedures in the Gym: The expectations for the gym are listed below. All students in grades K-5 are expected to follow these procedures every day. Students who routinely enter the gym with nothing constructive to do can be given consequences. 

* Students must sit quietly with their class and do something constructive. Possible activities include: read a book, study, complete homework, practice math facts, vocabulary words, sight words, draw, or color. 

Dress Code: Thank you to everyone who ensures their children are in dress code every day. Below you will find details about the dress code in which we are having issues. 

* Students must wear visible socks without logos. Socks may be white, black, brown, navy, or khaki in color. No other colors are allowed on socks, not even as a trim. 

* Students must wear belts; they may be black, brown, navy or khaki in color. 

* The body of jackets/sweatshirts MUST be solid navy, black, khaki, white, or brown without logos or stripes. Regardless of the temperature outside, ALL students are expected to have a jacket that meets the St. Mary Parish dress code.  

* Gray outerwear is not acceptable at Berwick Elementary as it goes against the SMPSB dress code policy. 

* Shirts must be tucked in unless the students are in PE or at recess.