Coronavirus Preparations for Parents

Posted by District on 3/6/2020

From Mr. Stadalis:  Please be advised that the following recommendations represent best-practices for promoting good health in our community and in our schools.

At Home and School:

  • The most effective precaution is to wash hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water
  • Avoid touching nose, eyes, and mouth with your hands
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneeze using a tissue, then dispose of the tissue immediately
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick
  • Do not send students to school who are sick
  • Student absenteeism will be closely monitored
  • Communicate with the school nurse and/or administrator if your child is absent due to respiratory illness, common cold, or flu-like symptoms
  • If any COVID-19 cases are reported in the community, St. Mary Parish Schools will receive further guidance from local health officials and from the Louisiana Department of Health

School-Wide Preparation:

  • Frequently touched surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, desks, tables) are being cleaned frequently with effective disinfectants
  • An ample supply of disinfectants is available at all schools
  • Proper hygiene practices are being emphasized to students
  • Daily student attendance is being closely monitored
  • Any critical information or updates will be posted on the district and school websites, notifications will also be sent to local media outlets

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