St. Mary Parish Offers Summer Learning Institute

Posted by District on 5/17/2019

The St. Mary Parish Virtual Learning Program will once again offer the Summer Learning Institute, a program that allows students to take advantage of the summer break by enrolling in new courses or retaking courses for high school credit.

While traditional summer school is often restricted to students with remediation needs, the SMPVLP Summer Learning Institute encourages students to consider enrolling in a course if

  • The course is not offered at their assigned school.
  • Their schedules are too full to add fun or unusual electives.
  • They have failed a course and wish to retake it to avoid falling behind.
  • Schedule conflicts are preventing students from taking a required course.

Enrollment in the Summer Learning Institute is open to high school students attending public, private, or charter schools.

More information can be found in the press release or on the Summer Learning Institute webpage