St. Mary Parish Continues to Outperform State in Academic Measures

Posted by District on 11/9/2018 10:00:00 AM

District and school performance scores were released by the Louisiana Department of Education on Thursday. The move to a significantly more rigorous state accountability formula prompted the state to provide districts and schools with two performance scores, one using the prior formula and one using the new more rigorous formula.

St. Mary’s 2018 District Performance Score (DPS) using the prior formula is 101, which demonstrates 1.3 points of growth from 2017 and a letter grade of “A." According to the new scale, schools and districts must attain a score of 90 to receive an “A” letter grade, which takes into consideration the increased proficiency testing standard and changes in the method used to calculate performance scores. St. Mary Parish’s DPS on the new formula is 81.9, equating to a “B” letter grade.

Despite the increased performance standards, St. Mary continues to outpace the state, whose performance score on the new formula is 76.1, equivalent to a 93 on the prior formula.

Superintendent Leonard Armato issued a statement of commendation to all schools for their daily commitment to educational excellence. “St. Mary Parish continues to show its ability to sustain exceptional growth and remain a top-performing school district in the state. The efforts of teachers, students, administrators, and instructional staff clearly illustrates a deep commitment to educational success. The release of 2018 performance data offers additional evidence of the devotion seen in our classrooms every day."

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