St. Mary Schools Sustain Growth: Ranked 18th in Louisiana

Posted by District on 11/8/2017

District and school performance scores were released by the Louisiana Department of Education today detailing academic achievements that continue to rank St. Mary Schools as the highest “B” rated school district in the state. In 2017, St. Mary’s district performance score rose .5 points bringing the school system to within .3 points of attaining the distinction of an “A” district. St. Mary Parish received a district performance score of 99.7, a respectable gain from the 2016 DPS of 99.2. Additionally, St. Mary continued to outpace the state whose performance score increased from 83 in 2016 to 86.8 in 2017.

In a press release dated Nov. 7, the St. Mary Pairsh School Board commends seven schools for achieving the "A" status:

  • Berwick High
  • Wyandotte Elementary
  • Bayou Vista Elementary
  • Berwick Junior High
  • Norman Elementary,
  • Morgan City High
  • Patterson High

Superintendent Leonard Armato issued a statement of commendation to all schools for their daily commitment to the educational accomplishments of each student. “I am exceptionally proud of the district’s dedication to academic excellence. St. Mary has clearly shown its ability to sustain exceptional growth and remain a top-performing school district in the state. The efforts of teachers, students, administrators, and instructional staff are noteworthy and clearly illustrate a deep commitment to public education and the drive to prioritize success. The release of 2017 performance data offers additional evidence of the devotion seen in each classroom every day.”