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LDOE Releases 2023 School and District Performance Scores

St. Mary Parish received its annual report card from the Louisiana Department of Education. The school system maintained its “B” letter grade for overall district performance. The 2023 District Performance Score (DPS) of 80.8 illustrates an increase from last year’s DPS of 80.2.

St. Mary Parish Schools ranked thirty-three among the seventy school districts reported and scored higher than the state’s performance score of 78.5. School report cards, which can be publicly viewed using the online Louisiana School Finder, communicate how well schools are preparing students by examining student performance across various measures.
Among the highlights from this year’s report:

• St. Mary Early Childhood Network received an overall performance rating of High Proficient.

• 11 schools showed SPS growth. West St. Mary High (+12.2 SPS points) was recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as the high school with the third largest growth in the entire state. Other schools that showed growth include Raintree Elementary (+10.4), Patterson Junior High (+8.7), Bayou Vista Elementary (+7.8), W.P. Foster Elementary (+4.4), B. Edward Boudreaux Middle (+4.2), Berwick Junior High (+2.8), Lagrange Elementary (+2.5), Franklin Junior High (+2.1), J.B. Maitland Elementary (+1.1), and Berwick Elementary (+0.9).

• 8 schools earned Top Gains status. Schools receiving a letter grade of “A” for the Student Progress Index therefore earning the distinction of Top Gains Honorees include: J.S. Aucoin Elementary, Bayou Vista Elementary, Berwick Elementary, W. P. Foster Elementary, Hattie Watts Elementary, Wyandotte Elementary, M.E. Norman Elementary and B. Edward Boudreaux Middle.

• 4 schools earned Opportunity Honoree status. Schools who outperform 90% of all schools across various student groups and receive no intervention labels earn this distinction. The schools include: J.S. Aucoin Elementary, Bayou Vista Elementary, Franklin Senior High and West St. Mary High.

• 12 schools earned Honor Roll status for overall performance. These schools received a letter grade of “A” or “B” for their overall School Performance Score.
The St. Mary Parish School Board wishes to commend four schools for achieving a letter grade of “A” status: Bayou Vista Elementary (92.7), Berwick High (92.4), West St. Mary High (90.6) and Franklin Senior High (90.1). Also receiving honor roll status are eight “B” schools: Morgan City High (89.4), Patterson High (89.3), Berwick Elementary (86.6), J.S. Aucoin Elementary (80.3), Centerville High (80), Berwick Junior High (79.1), Patterson Junior High (76.6) and Hattie Watts Elementary (75.7).

Recognition is extended to six “C” schools: B. Edward Boudreaux Middle (74.7), Wyandotte Elementary (74.3), Raintree Elementary (69.4), M.E. Norman Elementary (67.9), Franklin Junior High (63.7) and W.P. Foster Elementary (61.2). The remaining schools, Morgan City Junior High (58.6), J.B. Maitland Elementary (55.1) and LaGrange Elementary (44.9) are all part of a partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, district staff, and curriculum coaches to refine instructional practices and supports in an effort to accelerate future academic growth.

Superintendent Buffy Fegenbush issued the following statement: “St. Mary Parish Schools have shown that our students are capable of meeting prescribed achievement levels. As the LDOE continues to raise required achievement standards in the next two years, it is critical that we make the necessary adjustments to meet the higher expectations. We will continue to invest in the state’s Tier I approved instructional resources and supports for all students. We thank our St. Mary Parish students, parents, teachers, and administrators for continuing to strive for academic excellence.”

Press Release (PDF)