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2023 LEAP Scores Announced

Leap 2025 Statewide Assessment data results have been released by the Louisiana Department of Education. The following results were received for St. Mary Parish 3rd through 8th grade students scoring at the achievement levels of Basic or Above: English Language Arts - 4 out of 6 tested grades increased; science and social studies - 3 out of 6 tested grades increased; and Mathematics - 1 out of 6 tested grades increased. High school results showed an increase in the percentage of students scoring Basic or above in Algebra I, English I and Biology while the percentage remained the same for Geometry and English II. U.S. History showed a decline. Overall, students attaining LEAP achievement levels of Mastery+ remained the same at 29% for grades 3rd through 8th and increased 1% from 28% to 29% for the total student population.

Summary data for ELPT (English Language Proficiency Test), which is the assessment administered to students whose primary language is not English, showed that St. Mary Parish English Language Learner students outscored the state in all areas. Seventy-seven percent of students scored Progressing or Proficient compared to 72% for the state.

Results for LEAP Connect, the assessment administered to students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, also showed St. Mary Parish students outpacing the state in both English Language Arts and mathematics. Sixty-three percent of St. Mary Parish LEAP Connect students scored At or Above Goal in English compared to 49% for the state and 62% in mathematics compared to 57% for the state.

Superintendent Buffy Fegenbush views the results as opportunities for continued growth. “While we are pleased with the areas of progress we have made, we recognize that there is still work to be done. We will remain dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students.” She further believes that “the scores have provided us with valuable insights into areas where we need to focus our efforts. We are committed to using this information to develop targeted interventions and support systems that will lead to increased student success. We can’t acknowledge enough the hard work that our school families have done and will continue to do to support education in St. Mary Parish.”

While individual student results have been available via the Parent Command Center, students will be sent home with a printed copy of their scores on the first day of school.