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Wyandotte Elementary Principal Appointed

From Dr. Bagwell:

The attached press release announces the resignation of Ms. Tammilee Kelly, principal of Wyandotte Elementary that was submitted following the appointment of her husband to a position in north Louisiana. While Ms. Kelly will remain at the school until early December, it was important to select a replacement who would serve in an “acting” capacity through the end of the school year, while allowing ample time for the two to work together.


As you will read, Ms. Celeste Pipes (Assistant Principal of Hattie Watts Elementary) will be filling the role of “acting” principal at Wyandotte Elementary and Ms. Courtney Folse (Curriculum Facilitator at Hattie Watts Elementary) will assume the duties of assistant principal. Over the next few weeks, each will be spending time in their new role in order to fluidly transition and fully support the schools impacted.


I would like to thank Ms. Kelly for the years she has dedicated to educating the students of St. Mary Parish and wish her all the best as she and her husband move forward to new opportunities.


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