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Updated Protocols for Returning to School on Tuesday, Jan. 4

From Dr. Bagwell:

The fast-spreading Omicron variant will necessitate a renewed adherence to COVID-19 protocols as students return from the holiday break on Tuesday, January 4. Recommended health protocols for students and staff include the wearing of masks and social distancing both of which will be of increased significance in the school environment as a means of preventing the spread of this new variant. 

Governor Edwards announced several measures that include the suspension of extracurricular activities wherein the virus has been noted to easily spread. Any changes in extracurricular schedules will be communicated as needed by each school site. Additionally, LHSAA has announced the continuation of all sporting events as scheduled. 

While the Governor’s office advises that adults and students should be tested before returning to school, the St. Mary Parish School Board will not require testing. However, parents should vigilantly monitor their children for any symptoms and keep children home if they are ill. The health of students and staff is of utmost importance and all prescribed steps in preventing and combating the virus must be employed.  

Students returning to class on Tuesday are asked to closely adhere to the recommendations of health officials. It is crucial that schools serve as safe and healthy learning environments, which can only be accomplished through the conscientious fulfillment of all public health recommendations including mask wearing, social distancing, and vaccination.  

Bottom line: To keep our schools healthy, 

  • Masking and social distancing are strongly recommended.
  • Schools will announce any changes in extracurricular activities.
  • Parents should keep students at home if they show signs of illness.
  • Eligible individuals should consider vaccination.