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Jeans/Spirit Shirt Guidelines

Students may wear jeans and/or spirit shirts each Friday for a $1 donation. Students must adhere to the following:

  • No holes in jeans
  • Jeans should be blue denim or black in color--no other colors allowed
  • Spirit shirt should be BJHS or generic Berwick Panthers shirt--no other school shirts allowed
  • IDs must be worn at all times

Panther PROWLers Dress Down Guidelines

Panther PROWLers may dress down for free on Wednesdays. Only students on the Panther PROWLer list for the nine-weeks will be allowed to dress down. Students must adhere to the following: 

  • No holes in any pieces of clothing
  • No frayed bottoms
  • No tight-fitting garments
  • No yoga style pants
  • No plain, white t-shirts
  • No crop top shirts
  • No elastic waist bottoms
  • Shoes must have backs and be enclosed
  • IDs must be worn at all times