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  • Tropical Storm Update-School Closure

    Posted by District on 8/29/2017 12:00:00 PM

    The change in path of Tropical Storm Harvey has resulted in the need to close all St. Mary Parish schools and offices on Wednesday, August 30th. This morning's meeting of St. Mary Parish Homeland Security indicates that increased rainfall and wind will make travel conditions difficult as the storm makes landfall.

    The superintendent requests that parents and personnel remain informed on the storm's progress as well as continued updates as become necessary.

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  • St. Mary Parish Schools Closed on Tuesday, August 29

    Posted by District on 8/28/2017 11:00:00 AM

    Under the advisement of Homeland Security, weather conditions necessitate that ALL St. Mary Parish Schools and offices close on Tuesday, August 29th. The superintendent asks that personnel monitor conditions and stay informed via email and local news for any further updates as they become necessary beyond Tuesday.

    All schools and offices will retain normal hours of operation for the remainder of today. Buses will run as scheduled.

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  • St. Mary Residents Urged to Prepare for and Monitor Hurricane Harvey

    Posted by District on 8/25/2017 12:00:00 PM

    Taken from a Special Alert from St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office issued Friday, August 25:

    "It is still too early to predict what [Hurricane Harvey's] strength will be when it moves into Louisiana. . . . All St. Mary residents should continue to monitor the latest weather forecasts for any changes in Hurricane Harvey's track.  Everyone should have a hurricane evacuation plan in place. . . . The National Weather Service is predicting rain and storm surge for St. Mary Parish beginning as early as Sunday and into next week."

    Recommended preparations in the alert include the following:

    • Clear any drainage ditches, culverts, or basins around your homes and businesses. Pick up loose objects that may float and clog drainage systems.
    • Residents in low-lying or flood-prone areas should prepare accordingly.
    • Coastal residents should prepare for an expected storm surge by securing boats and camps.
    • Have your emergency hurricane kit ready including food, water, and medicines.  For more information on how to build a kit, visit http:/www.nws.noaa.gov/om/hurricane/plan.shtml 
    • Have an evacuation plan ready.


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  • Teacher Leader Advisor Appointments

    Posted by District on 8/2/2017

    Congratulations to two St. Mary Parish educators who were selected to serve as 2017-2018 Teacher Leader Advisors for the Louisiana State Department of Education.

    Courtney Andrews, teacher leader at Patterson High School, and Michelle South, social studies instructor at Morgan City High School, were chosen by LDOE to lead and advise teachers from across the state while correspondingly working to build curricular and assessment resources.

    Both teachers have already served on state committees to review and recommend adjustments in state social studies standards and assessments. The district is incredibly proud of their recent accomplishments and the impact they will have on classroom instruction statewide.

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  • Additional Administrative Appointments Announced

    Posted by District on 6/28/2017 4:00:00 PM

    St. Mary Parish Superintendent Leonard Armato announced school administrator appointments today as the district continues preparations for the upcoming school year.

    In a press release dated June 28, Mr. Armato emphasized the imperative nature of having all leadership roles secured as early as possible in order to provide new administrators with critical trainings and transitional time.

    • Bayou Vista Elementary Principal:  Ms. Carmen Lagarde
    • Hattie Watts Elementary Principal:  Ms. Sheryl Gibbons
    • MCHS Assistant Principal:  Ms. Kim Caesar
    • Hattie Watts Elementary Assistant Principal: Mr. Charles Foulcard
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  • Teachers Participate in Math-Science Partnership Program

    Posted by District on 6/27/2017

    Ten St. Mary Parish middle school teachers are participating in The Math and Science Partnership Program for the fourth consecutive summer. During these sessions, participants are "unpacking" the new Louisiana Student Science Standards (LSSS) that will be fully operational 2018-2019 school year. 

    Pictured after their their successful egg-drop experiment are six of the district's participants:

    • Catherine Patureau (MCJHS)
    • Jennifer Felton (BJHS)
    • Karla Brickhaus (BJHS)
    • Alexis Rack (BEB)
    • Rose Hale (BJHS)
    • Christy Taylor (MCJHS)

    Additional participants include

    • Summer Pradia (FJHS)
    • Amy Gilliam (FJHS)
    • Jeanette Favors (FJHS)
    • Tyra Yarber (BEB)
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  • Administrative Appointments

    Posted by District on 6/19/2017

    In a press release dated June 16, 2017, St. Mary Parish Superintendent Mr. Leonard Armato announced appointments to a number of positions in order to facilitate transitions and provide appropriate time for an effective start to the 2017-18 school year.  Here is a summary of these appointments:

    School Administration

    • BHS Principal:  Mr. Paul Broussard
    • BHS Assistant Principal:  Ms. Kristin Percle
    • BJHS Assistant Principal (acting): Ms. Noelle Lowrimore
    • PHS Principal (acting): Mr. Lane Larive
    • PHS Assistant Principal:  Ms. Natasha Jackson
    • PJHS Principal: Mr. Mark Spradling
    • PJHS Assistant Principal: Ms. Lauren Rentrop
    • MCJHS Principal: Mr. Joe Stadalis

    District Positions

    • Coordinator of Special Services in Elementary:  Ms. Carol St. Germain
    • Elementary Instructional Specialist: Ms. Niki Fryou
    • Instructional Program Manager:  Ms. Sarah Broussard
    • Instructional Program Manager (acting):  Ms. Rachael Sanders
    • Special Services Compliance Officer:  Ms. Sarah Theriot
    • Special Services IEP/Behavior Interventionist:  Ms. Kim Lockley
    • Title I Instructional Specialist:  Ms. Elizabeth Theriot
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  • Memorial Day Holiday Announced

    Posted by District on 5/26/2017

    On Monday, May 29, the nation will observe Memorial Day honoring the ultimate sacrifices of our military. As we remember their service, Governor John Bel Edwards has declared this day a state holiday, closing all state agencies. Accordingly, the schools and offices of the St. Mary Parish School Board will be closed Monday. 

    As we enjoy the traditions of Memorial Day with family and friends, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Teresa Bagwell reminds us to take a moment to honor those who dedicated their lives in military service and the families who eternally mourn their passing. 

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  • Administrative Appointments Announced

    Posted by District on 5/23/2017 11:00:00 AM

    St. Mary Superintendent Leonard Armato announced three central office appointments today. The retirements of Ricky Armelin and Wally Griffin resulted in open positions in both Personnel and Child Welfare. Following the assessment of candidate credentials and committee interviews, Mr. Armato has made the following appointments:

    • Acting Human Resource Director Peter Boudreaux was appointed to the position officially. 
    • MCJHS principal Kenneth Holmes was named Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.
    • BHS principal Dr. Buffy Fegenbush was selected as Secondary Supervisor of Instruction.

    Congratulations to the new appointees. The full press release is available here.  


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  • SMP Virtual Learning Program Offers Summer Learning Institute

    Posted by District on 5/12/2017 3:00:00 PM

    The St. Mary Parish Virtual Learning Program will once again offer a Summer Learning Institute that allows students to take advantage of the summer break by enrolling in new courses or retaking courses for high school credit. View the press release here. 

    Courses offered during the Summer Learning Institute’s 6-week summer session are the same high-quality, instructor-supported courses offered by the Virtual Learning Program during the school year. For the summer session, each course has been condensed to 30 instructional days for 1 credit courses and 15 instructional days for ½ credit courses. Both core courses and electives courses are available.

    The flexible nature of online courses means that students can still participate in normal summer activities as long as time is also allocated to keep up with the weekly course schedule. The SMPVLP Summer Learning Institute encourages students to consider enrolling in a course if

    • The course is not offered at their assigned school.
    • Their schedules are too full to add fun or unusual electives.
    • They have failed a course and wish to retake it to avoid falling behind.
    • Schedule conflicts are preventing students from taking a required course.

    Enrollment in the Summer Learning Institute is open to high school students attending public, private, or charter schools. For students in St. Mary Parish, applications can be obtained from a student's school counselor and will be accepted from May 22 through June 7, 2017. A personal check or money order made out to the St. Mary Parish School Board must accompany each application. All courses begin on Monday, June 5, 2017. More information is available at http://stmaryk12.net/sli.

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