Request for Proposal 2018-10-1

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  • Accounts Payable Tab Questions

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    Question: Do procurement cards go through normal purchase order process?  Do users designate accounts for purchase card purchases? Do procurement card purchases go through an approval process?

    39 Ability to support Procurement Cards and automatically update A/P and detailed G/L.

    Answer: St. Mary Parish currently does not utilize Procurement Cards.

    Question: What statistical data, besides transaction counts, needs to be captured for reporting. 

    47 Ability to capture transaction counts and other statistical data by department and/or fund

    Answer: Ability to run reports based on date range and/or summative totals.

    Question: Please provide additional detail on question 156. Please describe desired process for applying and securing signature.

    156 Ability to ensure security on check writing signatures.

    Answer: Document via security logs, when the check writing signatures are uploaded to program and users that may have access to file.

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  • Cash Management Tab Questions

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    Question: What level of detail is required? Aer investments and debt service tied to funds and an external account such as a brokerage, bank or loan account? 

    10 Ability to track investments and debt service in detail. 

    Answer: A high level of detail is not needed.

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  • Fixed Asset Tab Question

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    Question: For items to be capitalized as a group   What is the source of the purchase? Supplier invoice? Transfer? Are fixed assets capitalized at purchase or at some later date? 

    23. Ability to capitalized items in aggregate (as a group)

    Answer: Supplier Invoice. They are capitalized at purchase.

    Question: Please provide additional information. What is auxiliary system? What is nature of key change?

    36 Change to key field in auxiliary system.

    Answer: The auxiliary system is our current system; the district may run the current system parallel with the new system.


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  • Functionality Check List

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    Question: Items such as items 31 thru 37 reference student/teacher data…. We assume this is a clerical error since this is not a student data RFP… please clarify.

    Answer: Some data warehouse programs can accept data from other silos (student data, food service, maintenance, etc.) to merge with financial data for current and historical views and future planning.

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  • General Ledger Tab Questions

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    Question: Please provide examples of consolidation codes and an example of a report where these are required.

    27` The software must provide consolidation codes for cross-organization consolidating reports

    AnswerPayroll utilizes certain account object codes that are converted to new numbers when transferred to the accounting side.

     Question: Is the interfund transfer for cash? Budget? Please provide additional details. F

    112 Ability to automatically generate an interfund transfer when needed and initiate the appropriate approval path.

    Answer:  The transfer is for both.

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  • Hardware Quote

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    Question: Does SMPSB have a preferred PC/server brand that they typically buy on K-12 and/or State contract? (HP or Dell or ???)? If so, please share.

    Question: Also, do you have an account representative for your preferred hardware vendor that you could share with us so we could have that person generate a quote based on our hardware specs?


    Answer: St. Mary Parish School Board is an HP shop.  Our current reseller is Computer Sales and Service out of Houma, LA. The contact information is below:

    Larry Van Pelt, Sr. Account Executive
    Computer Sales and Services, Inc.
    Cell 985-852-3215
    Office 985-879-3219

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  • Other Software Applications Requested

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    Question: How many P-cards (procurements cards) do you now have in place and manage? Do you today have a central warehouse that schools/locations access/order items from?

     Answer:  St. Mary Parish School Board does not have any P-cards in use at this time.

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  • Purchase Order Tab Questions

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    Question: Please provide additional details.

    13 Ability to utilize the internet for vendor communication.

    Answer: Can Purchase Orders be sent to vendors directly from the program and also can vendors utilize a “self-service” portal to complete company directory information.


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  • RFP Format

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    Question: Can we please have a WORD document copy of the PDF RFP (SMPSB_Financial_and_Human_Resources_RFP.pdf)? (this would be very helpful in doing our response)


    Posted on Website: MS Word Copy of RFP  (direct document link)

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  • Software Applications Requests

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    Software Applications requested are
    --General Ledger
    --Capital Project Tracking
    --Grant Management/Tracking
    --Fixed Assets
    --Human Resources
    --Employee Application Tracking
    --Ad hoc Reporting
    We have other applications not listed that we do think you would consider or “want” such as
    --Employee services portal: allow employees to access pay/leave/HR information, and allow to submit leave requests, access pay stubbs, w2s, etc
    --Vendor portal: allow vendors to inquiry into their Pos, paid invoices, etc.
    --Interfaces: do you have now any substitute call/tracking or time clock system that would require an interface to your payroll system?
    --Interfaces: do you have any 3rd party system requiring an interface?
    --Should these applications be included in our response?


    Vendors should submit any “extra” modules that they believe would benefit the district.  St. Mary Parish may request these modules be added to the final purchase if functionality is valuable and within budget.

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  • Student Activity Tab Questions

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    Question: Please provide more detail   Revenues and expense are not typically found on the balance sheet.  

    7 Ability to map a balance sheet account to an action code as either a revenue or expense.

    Answer: The item should have referenced “income statement” and not balance sheet.

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  • Technical Tab Questions

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    Question: Please provide additional detail for questions 12, 13 and 14

    12 The system should provide tight integration and scheduling with Microsoft Exchange

    13 The system should provide integration with Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies

    14 The system should provide integration with Microsoft Communications server.


    St. Mary Parish School Board is a Microsoft oriented district and it would be helpful if the software can communicate effectively with our Microsoft environment.  We would prefer to utilize our current Active Directory credentials to logon to the accounting package.

    The ability to use our current Office 365 grouping and distribution structure would be beneficial to the district.

    Queston: Please provide more detail for requirements in question 26 and 27

    The system should provide support for interprocess communications including, but not limited to the following.

    26 Attachment of standard object types in an object library

    27 Cut and paste capability from data fields and screens to other application


    The ability to attach external files (pdf, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) to records in the database.

    The ability to utilize basic Cut and Paste features by way of key stroke combinations or right click menus.

    Question: Please provide more details for question 75.

    75 The system should support a decentralized security administration function by component and business unit

    Answer: Will the systems security be granular to limit users to certain fields or screens or will security access be broader at the module level (Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger)?

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Request for Proposal 2018-10-1

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