• UL Lafayette Learning Lab


    Parents and Teachers,

    The Learning Lab at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, along with teachers and education professors, has put together a list of resources and ideas for keeping some structure and learning within the days at home during the COVID-19 school closures.

    The Learning Lab is a laboratory school under development, connected to the UL Lafayette College of Education and preparing to serve as a hub of educational innovation to inform educational policy and practice in Louisiana. Though this pandemic is causing deep unrest and significant health concerns, it also provides a unique experience to think about best ways to build learning into our daily lives.

    You know your children best, so feel free to build in your own learning experiences while also freeing yourself to spend time together having fun or relaxing! Some parents are working from home while trying to keep kids learning. Some are going into work, either bringing kids along or leaving them with family or sitters. Whatever your situation, we hope you find something useful here. We are in this together.

    In the following pages, you will find suggested structure (One for MWF and another for Tues/Thurs) as well as resources for elementary and middle school aged children. This is a live document, and we will continue to work on adding components to reach all ages.

    Use as little or as much as you find fits your family or school’s needs. If you have other great ideas to share, please send them to us through our facebook page: Like the page while you’re there so we can stay connected. We would love to see pictures of your little ones learning. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our work.

    Happy Learning!

    Note: These pages are provided as a public service for student and parents. The St. Mary Parish School Board does not take responsibility for the content on any of the links associated with these pages.  Our thanks to the UL Lafayette Learning Lab's Learning at Home pages for this information.