Instructional Continuity Plan (DRAFT)

  • The St. Mary Parish School Board recognizes that there may be occasions that require the closure of district schools, including events such as weather and health emergencies. If an emergency occurs, the district will make every effort to ensure that educational opportunities for our students can continue while they are at home. In the past few years, the district has acquired a comprehensive collection of online content and digital resources that can be accessed from locations beyond our traditional school sites. The district will provide mobile devices for students to check out for home use to support continuing learning without interruption. The district will also extend internet access to users via school and community hot spots.

     The district’s Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP) has four primary components: Content Delivery, Implementation, Mobile Devices, and Internet Access.

    • Implementation offers sample schedules for situations where to traditional school attendance must be altered or suspended.
    • Content Delivery explains which resources students will use for core instruction and which materials can be used as supplemental resources to enhance core instruction.
    • Mobile Devices provides the steps the district is taking to ensure that district students who need mobile devices to access instructional resources will be provided with one, upon request, for the duration of the school closure period.
    • Internet Access    for students poses the greatest challenge to ensuring that our students can continue their studies while at home. Partnership with service providers is crucial to providing free or reduced-cost internet service to students if district schools must close due to emergency situations.

     The plan below is changing on a daily basis as information is added, adjusted, or removed.  It may be updated as additional information can be shared. This version represents the document adopted on July 23, 2020. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.