• We here at Maitland Elementary School are proud to be a part of such a wonderful learning community.  Our faculty and staff enjoy having the opportunity to teach such a diverse and unique population.  We view each day as a new and never-ending adventure.


    A population of 315 students, our school maintains the belief all students are important, and they all deserve a chance at a quality education.  We have parents who support us in all of our endeavors, and we have community supporters who are always willing to lend a hand.


    Finally, I would like to say that as Principal of Maitland Elementary, I feel I have truly found my niche in the world of education.  I enjoy coming to school each day to see the smiles on the familiar faces of our students and the expertise and sincerity in the actions of the school's faculty and staff.  I appreciate the understanding and support of the parents and the interest and concern of our community.  We are indeed a learning entity with a focus on the present and future academic accomplishments of our students.


    So, once again, welcome to Maitland!