Image of Dr. Fegenbush

Welcome to the St. Mary Parish Schools Website

  • Hello! My name is Buffy Fegenbush, and I would like to introduce myself as Interim Superintendent for the St. Mary Parish School District.

    It is incredibly humbling to be entrusted with leading our school families and communities to new beginnings that will shape our future success. My goal as your leader is to promote an environment of open communication and positive rapport from which student-centered, high-achieving, and data-driven school cultures can form. It is my firm and lifelong conviction that what we do as educators, every day and in every way, makes a monumental difference in our students’ lives. Together, we will offer opportunities that help children develop their confidence, increase their sense of self, and create goals for a successful future. I am a visible leader who knows that the work done in our schools each day - in every position - is what makes us strong. It truly does take a village to ensure that you and our children are safe, healthy, and successful! I feel beyond blessed to be able to come home to St. Mary Parish as your superintendent. There truly is no place like home!