West St. Mary High School 2019-2020 Student Handbook



    While serving a multicultural, diverse population, West St. Mary will provide a world-class education which ensures all students will graduate on time and be workforce or college ready.





    West St. Mary High School will provide the highest quality education so that all students achieve their fullest learning potential.



    Hail to thee O West St. Mary

    Loyal, Strong, and Brave

    In our trials and our triumphs

    Long we’ll sing your praise


    Blue and Silver are our colors

    Let your banner soar

    We will look to West St. Mary

    Now and ever more


    Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

    Though our dreams will fly

    We will look to West St. Mary

    As the days go by



    Due to the early printing of our planner/handbook updated information can be obtained from our online version of the planner/handbook.  Changes may occur throughout the school year.  Therefore, please pay attention to flyers, and calls that you may receive.  Also, please update any changes to your contact information for our J-call calling system so that you can receive important information pertaining to West St. Mary High School.



    The philosophy of West St. Mary High School is based on the premise that ALL students can learn regardless of racial, social, or economic status. It is our belief that all students who walk through the doors of West St. Mary High School will be afforded the same educational opportunities as any other student who attends a school within St. Mary Parish, the State of Louisiana, or the USA. Thus, the faculty, staff, and administration will provide a safe learning environment that will assist students in developing intellectually, socially, and physically. It will be our goal to educate the whole child.


    Nevertheless, we realize that all students learn differently and at a different pace. West St. Mary faculty will adapt its instruction to the various learning styles and abilities whenever possible to meet the needs of our students due to this realization. By adapting the instruction to meet student needs and capabilities, we will create a degree of individualization within our curriculum.

    The curriculum at West St. Mary will be comprehensive and challenging in that it offers college preparatory courses as well as career and technical education courses. Our students will be provided with the best opportunity to be successful whether they are going to a university, college, technical school, and/or straight to the workforce. The faculty and staff at West St. Mary High School will teach every child, every day, all year long.


    West St. Mary High School


    From the Principal’s Desk

    West St. Mary High School has reached the status of being a “B” school, for the second straight year.  This did not come without many struggles and obstacles along the way.  It is with perseverance and hard work on the part of our students, parents and teachers, as well as the support of our community, school board, and administration, that we have obtained this status.  As this 2018-2019 school year comes to an end, we wish our seniors continued success in their endeavors and thank them for their leadership.  We will continue to challenge the students of West St. Mary as they “make tracks” toward becoming an “A” school. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, we would like to say thank you for a successful 2018-2019 school year.

    Even though we had our share of trials and tribulations, we could not have made it through without your support. We continue to believe that “It takes a village to raise a child” and over time we’ve learned that it will take all of us (parents, teachers, business people, and community leaders) to raise a happy, healthy, hopeful, productive young adult. For the past ten years, we have had the same belief that it will take ALL of us.  These are not just the words of a few but must become a rally cry (call to action) for our students, community and school.  We must all adopt this belief to move WSM, the town of Baldwin, and the surrounding community to the next level of excellence. We all will play a part in this success. Below are a few responsibilities for all parties involved, that would contribute to that success:



  • Parents your child’s success this year depends upon how well our village works together. Therefore, I need your help to raise our students at West St. Mary High into respectful, dependable, successful young men and women.

    I would like to end by welcoming you to a new year at West St. Mary High and to explain the purpose of this handbook. This handbook will inform parents and students of the rules and policies for the 2019-2020 school year as well as provide other important information. The policies of West St. Mary High are supplemented with the policies of the St. Mary Parish School Board, found in the newspaper guide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office for additional information. 

    Rules, polices, and dates are subject to change.  Parent/Guardian(s) will be informed through JCall and our school’s website, www.stmaryk12.net. Please insure we have correct phone numbers and email addresses so you can receive important information, updates, changes, and emergency notices regarding your child’s school, West St. Mary High School.

    Educationally yours,

    _Dr. Derrick White___                                       

    Dr. Derrick White                             








    Dr. Derrick White

    Ashley Clark





    Based on the philosophy of West St. Mary High School, the faculty and the administration have set the following goals:


    1. To establish a learning environment that is safe and allows students to reach their maximum potential.
    2. To provide a variety of curriculum offerings that will encompass college preparatory courses as well as career and technical education courses.
    3. To provide the opportunity to practice the democratic process/principles through student body elections, extra-curricular activities, and the classroom.
    4. To provide experiences that will develop and enhance the whole student mentally, physically, and intellectually.
    5. To provide experiences that will develop students’ abilities to express themselves effectively in written and oral communications.
    6. To encourage/promote physical well-being through physical education activities and athletics.
    7. To develop in students the understanding that with each privilege comes a corresponding responsibility, that each person is responsible for his/her actions and that she/he will take the consequences of his/her actions.
    8. To encourage students to challenge themselves as we challenge them intellectually
    9. To provide a school where teachers will give their all to every student, every day, all year long.
    10. To facilitate students into believing in themselves.




    Notice of Non-Discrimination

    West St. Mary High School and the St. Mary Parish School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.  The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:



    Mrs. Ashley Clark, Intermin Principal                   Dr. Teresa Bagwell

    West St. Mary High School                                 St. Mary Parish Schools

    18333 Hwy 182                                                Box 170

    Baldwin, LA   70514                                         Centerville, LA   70522

    (337) 924-7990                                               (337) 836-9661




    The school counselor may assist all students with personal and/or academic problems, college and career choices, course selections, scholarship applications, and test interpretation.  The counseling office is open before and after school hours, and during lunch.  Students are invited to stop by the counseling office during breaks to sign up for an appointment.






  • Promotion and Grading Policies

    The following information is taken from the 2019-2020 St. Mary Parish Pupil Progression Plan.  The information is subject to change as the 2019-2020 St. Mary Parish Pupil Progression Plan is developed.

    Instructional Minutes: When awarding credit based on instructional time, LEAs shall provide a minimum of 7,965 instructional minutes for one Carnegie credit, and students shall be in attendance for a minimum of 7,515 minutes. In order to grant one-half Carnegie credit, LEAs shall provide a minimum of 3,983 instructional minutes, and students shall be in attendance for a minimum of 3,758 minutes.


    Individual Graduation Planning: By the end of the eighth grade, every student (with the assistance of his parent or other legal custodian and school guidance personnel, counselor) or IEP team (when applicable) shall begin to develop an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP).  An IGP guides the next academic year's coursework, assisting students in exploring educational and career possibilities and in making appropriate secondary and postsecondary education decisions as part of an overall career/postsecondary plan.


    Financial Aid Planning: Louisiana requires public school students graduating spring 2018 and beyond to take one of the following steps as part of their Individual Graduation Plan:

    1. Complete the FAFSA; or
    2. Complete the Louisiana TOPS form; or
    3. Certify a waiver in writing to the LEA (sample: non-participation LEA form/Letter); or
    4. Receive a waiver through the district hardship waiver process.

    Early Graduation: Each LEA shall develop an early graduation program allowing students to accelerate their academic progress, complete all state graduation requirements, and receive a high school diploma in less than four years.

    • The early graduation program may include distance education (§2326), dual enrollment (§2327), and Carnegie credit and credit flexibility (§2314).
    • LEAs shall not have any policies or requirements that would prevent students from graduating in less than four years.


    In the space below, please describe any local policies or additional considerations used to determine the promotion of students in Grades 9 and above and to support their attainment of a high school diploma.


    1. Students in grades 9-12 will earn letter grades (A, B, C, D or F) each nine weeks for evaluative and reporting purposes. In order to pass, a student shall make a 1.0 (D) average by earning four quality points, with at least one quality point being earned in the fourth nine-week grading period. Final course grades will be determined by adding the quality points of grades earned from the four nine weeks and dividing the sum by four. To be eligible for Carnegie credit, a final grade of at least a "D" must be earned.


    1. Any student who has earned an overall 1.0 GPA, but fails due to district policy shall be subject to a review by the SBLC. Upon review, the SBLC may recommend a waiver for the student.


    1. In grades 9-12, the nine-week grade shall be based on a minimum of 600 points from at least 6 major grades.
    2. The EOC/LEAP 2025 exam is taken at the end of the course and counts as 15% of the overall course grade. The conversion charts provided by the LDOE for each EOC/LEAP 2025 test will be used to determine the student’s grade on the EOC/LEAP 2025 tests.


    1. For the 2018-2019 school year, students enrolled in Biology I will take the corresponding LEAP 2025 exam. The scores will only be used as part of their overall grade if the scores are released by the LDOE by the end of the school term.


    1. Semester and Final Averages Grades 9-12

    Final grades of regular and honors classes shall be determined by using the Quality Point Average Chart.