• MCHS Student Handbook




    Morgan City High School

    2400 Tiger Drive             Morgan City, LA  70380

    Office: (985) 384-1754        Fax: (985) 384-7054


    Timmy T. Hymel, Principal

    Kimberly Caesar, Assistant Principal

    Lacie Hotard , Assistant Principal


    For official rules and policy please refer to

    “A Guide for St. Mary Parish Public Schools”



    Complete handbook can be found at: www.stmaryk12.net


     Morgan City High School provides learning opportunities

    so that all students can become productive members of society!


    Important Dates

    August  04-06                 All Teachers In-service days

    August 07                         First Day of school for students

    September 07                  Labor Day

    September 10                  Progress Reports

    October 09-12                  Fall Break

    October 13                        High School In-Service Day

    October 14                        Report Cards

    November 03                  Election Day

    November 18                  Progress Reports

    November 23-27            Thanksgiving Holiday

    December 23-January 04               Christmas Holiday

    January 05                        High School In-service Day

    January 06                        Spring Session begins/ Report Cards

    January 18                        Martin L. King, Jr. Day

    February 09                     Progress Reports

    February 15-19               Mardi Gras Holiday

    March 18                          Report Cards

    March 29-April 05         Easter Holiday

    May 01                              Junior/Senior Prom

    May 12                              Junior Ring Ceremony 1:45

    May 12                              Senior Awards Night 6:00

    May 13                              Mandatory Grad Practice @ MC Auditorium 9:00AM

    May 14                              Graduation 6:00 PM

    May 26                              Spring Session Ends/Report Cards








    Morgan City High School provides learning opportunities so that all students can become productive members of society.





    Morgan City High School will provide constantly evolving opportunities for all stakeholders in an effort to benefit the entire community by producing well rounded students who are ready to take on the world.

    *MCHS promises to work closely with our school system and our stakeholders to take advantage of all academic, vocational, and job preparedness offerings that can benefit our students, not only while they are still with us, but once they leave us to attend college, trade school, or to enter the job market.





    1. At the beginning of each school year, a student/parent/teacher compact is signed by all stakeholders in order to build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the State’s high standards.
    2. The compact describes the school’s responsibility to provide a high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment. It also describes the way in which parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning and ways parents may volunteer and participate in decisions relating to the education of their children.
    3. Issues of open communication between parents and teachers are also addressed in the compact.



     Communications to all parents related to school and parents’ programs, meetings, and other activities will be in one or more of the following forms:

                   Newsletters, Flyers, JCAMPUS Messenger and Texts, Open House,

                   Parent Nights, Phone Calls, Newspaper, Television, Announcements, School Website, Stadium sign, Conferences, District Website, or through social media.


    JCAMPUS Communication System


    Morgan City High School utilizes the JPAMS Messaging System, which notifies parents and students, by phone, of emergency situations and upcoming school events. It also notifies parents if their child has been absent from school or has received a disciplinary referral. It is extremely important to notify the school if your phone number changes during the school year so that we can continue to have the ability to contact you in a timely manner should the need arise.


    Student Progress Center


         Morgan City High School is excited to have a tool that allows parents to access information pertaining to their child. This online process will enable parents to view attendance, discipline, grades, and assignments from each class. To begin, log on to the MCHS website at  www.stmaryk12.net/mchs.


    Once on the website, click Student Progress Center which is located on the homepage.


    At this point, you’ll have to register as a new user to set up an account. To do this, you simply need the last 5 digits of your child’s social security number.


    After indicating your relationship to the child and the last 5 digits of his/her social security number, click “SUBMIT”.


    You are then able to access your child’s records. The tabs at the top of the screen allow you to view various components of your child’s current and past performance.


    We urge you to take advantage of this powerful communication tool. This will allow for accurate and current information to be shared between the school and the home. Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions.



    Graduation Requirements







    English I



    English II



    English III, AP® English Language Arts and Composition, IB®

    Literature, IB® Language & Literature or IB® Literature & Performance



    English IV, AP® English Literature and Composition, IB® Literature,

    IB® Language & Literature, or IB® Literature & Performance



    Algebra I



    Geometry or Applied Geometry



    Algebra II



    Algebra III, Advanced Math – Functions and Statistics, Advanced

    Math – Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus, IB® Math Studies (math

    methods), Calculus, AP® Calculus AB, IB® Mathematics SL, IB®

    Mathematics HL, AP Statistics, AP® Calculus BC, IB ® Further Mathematics HL



    Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III may be substituted for the

    Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II sequence



    Biology I



    Chemistry 1



    Earth Science; Environmental Science;; Physical Science;

    Agri-science II (the elective course Ag I is a prerequisite for Ag II);

    one of Chemistry II, AP® Chemistry, IB® Chemistry I, or IB®

    Chemistry II; one of AP® Environmental Science or IB®

    Environmental Systems; one of Physics I or IB® Physics I; one of

    AP® Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, AP® Physics C:

    Mechanics, or IB® Physics II; AP® Physics I and AP® Physics II; one

    of Biology II, AP® Biology, IB® Biology I , or IB® Biology II

    Social Studies


    U. S. History, AP® U. S. History, or IB® History of the Americas I



    Government or AP® U. S. Government and Politics: Comparative

    or AP® U. S. Government and Politics: United States, or Civics

    with a section on free enterprise



    One of Western Civilization, European History, or AP® European

    History; one of World Geography, AP® Human Geography, or IB®

    Geography; one of World History, AP® World History, or IB®

    History of the America II; Economics; AP® Macroeconomics; AP®

    Microeconomics; or IB® Economics

    Health /Physical Education


    Health Education



    Physical Education I and II or JROTC I, II, III, or IV. According to

    Bulletin 741, may use physical education I (1 unit) and ½ unit

    marching band, extracurricular sports, cheering, or dance team.

    Adapted physical education I and II for eligible special education


    Foreign Language

    (both units in the

    same language,

    which may include



    Two units from the same language (Bulletin 741§2345); American

    Sign Language I, II, II, IV; French I, II, III, IV, V; AP® French

    Language & Culture, IB® Language ab initio: French, IB® Language

    B: French; German I, II, III, IV , V; AP® German Language &

    Culture, IB® Language ab initio: German, IB® Language B:

    German; Italian I, II, III, IV, V; AP® Italian Language and Culture,

    IB® Language ab initio: Italian, IB® Language B: Italian; Latin I, II,

    III, IV, V; AP® Latin, IB® Classical Language; Russian I, II, III, IV, V;

    Spanish I, II, III, IV, V; AP® Spanish Language and Culture; IB®

    Language ab initio; Spanish, IB® Language B: Spanish:



    Art (Bulletin 741 §2333), Music (Bulletin 741 §2355), Dance

    (Bulletin 741 §2337), Theatre (Bulletin 741 §2369), Speech III and

    IV (one unit combined), Media Arts (Bulletin 741 §2354), Fine

    Arts Survey, Drafting, photography I/II. Digital photography

    Electives/Jump Start



    Total Units



    .JUMP START TOPS Tech Career Diploma






    English I



    English II



    English III, English IV, any AP® or IB® English courses, Business

    English, Technical Reading and Writing, or comparable Louisiana

    technical college courses offered by Jump Start regional team as

    approved by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary

    1 Education(BESE)



    Algebra I, Applied Algebra I, or Algebra I Part 2 (the elective course

    Algebra I, Part 1 is a pre-requisite)



    Geometry, Financial Literacy (formerly Financial Math), Math

    Essentials, Business Math, Algebra II, Advanced Math - Functions

    and Statistics, Advanced Math- Pre-Calculus, Algebra III, Pre-

    Calculus, or comparable Louisiana technical college courses offered

    by Jump Start regional team as approved by the State Board of

    Elementary and Secondary Education(BESE)



    Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III may be substituted for Algebra

    I, Geometry and Algebra II and shall count as 3 math credits



    Biology I



    Chemistry I; Earth Science; Environmental Science; Physical Science;

    Agriscience II ( Agriscience I is a prerequisite for Agriscience II and is an

    2 elective); or any AP® or IB® Science courses

    Social Studies


    U.S. History, AP® U.S. History, or IB® History of the Americas I



    Civics or ½ unit of Government, AP® U.S. Government and Politics:

    Comparative, or AP® U.S. Government and Politics: United States

    and ½ unit of Economics, AP® Macroeconomics, or AP®


    Health/ Physical Education


    Health Education. (JROTC I and II may be used to meet the Health Ed

    requirement as per Bulletin 741§2347)



    Physical Education I and ½ unit from the among the following:

    physical education II, marching band, extracurricular sports,

    Cheering, or dance team. ROTC may be substituted. Adapted

    physical education I and II for eligible special education students


    Jump Start


    Jump Start course sequences, workplace experiences, and

    credentials in approved Jump Start graduation pathways.

    Total Credits




    ¹A student shall complete a regionally-designed, district-implemented series of Career and Technical Education Jump Start coursework and workplace learning experiences leading to a statewide or regional

    Jump Start credential. Each student’s Jump Start graduation pathway shall include courses and workplace experiences specific to the credential, courses related to foundational career skills requirements,

    and other courses (including career electives) that the Jump Start regional team determines are appropriate for the career pathway.

    NOTE: See Act 403 (Regular Session 2015) for 2015 TOPS Tech requirements.

    The resource for AP and IB course alignment is the TOPS weighted GPA grid accessible at http://www.louisianabelieves.com/docs/default-source/jumpstart/tops-core-weighted-gpa-grid.pdf?sfvrsn=4



    State law requires that you make an election when your child enters the eighth grade as to whether you give or deny consent for this school to collect your child’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and disclose it to the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) for TOPS and other financial aid or to the state’s colleges and universities (Institutions) for admissions. We will no longer provide your child’s transcript data to LOSFA and the Institutions without your permission.




    A brief description of each Honors Course is listed in the school’s “Schedule Planning Guide”. Many of these descriptions include the placement criteria necessary for that class. Past grades, previous placement in honors courses, completion of prerequisites, teacher recommendations, and standardized test scores are used to determine placement. Typically, above average grades must have been earned in previous courses in that content area, and standardized test scores should reflect “Advanced” or “Mastery” performance. Principal approval for placement in honors courses is necessary if student does not meet the listed criteria.




    Removal from any HONORS COURSES will be contingent upon all of the following: 

    1. Student's grades of "D" or "F" in the Honors Course
    2. Teacher recommendation and/or parental consent
    4. Any student who begins in an honors class must remain for the first 4 weeks, except in case of computer error or student misplacement.



    All necessary schedule adjustments should be completed prior to the first day of school. Adjustments will be considered only in the case of deficiency, failures, or administrative errors.

    Request for schedule adjustments must be initiated during a parent, student, counselor, or teacher conference and can only be completed with the approval of the principal.



    Students that failed to turn in a schedule request form, signed by a parent, forfeit their rights for a schedule adjustment unless it is an error. Staffing is done based on student requests for courses. Therefore, schedules will not be changed unless EXTREME extenuating circumstances exist.



    Grading Policy




    Regular Courses

    Honors/AP Courses

     A= 93-100%

                       A=  90-100%

     B=   85-92%

      B=  80-89%


     C=    75-84%

      C=  70-79%

     D=  67-74%

      D= 60-69%

     F=    0-66%

      F=    0-59%



    Parish Grading Policy


        *         Seniors must schedule a minimum of 4 periods per school year. (Exceptions: trade school and cooperative programs)

        *         The nine-weeks grade shall be based on at least 700 points drawn from at least seven major grades. A cumulative test for each nine-week grading period will be given. The nine weeks test should draw from the previous eight weeks instruction. There will be no exemptions from taking the test.

         *        Every teacher must give tests.

         *        Makeup work/tests must be completed within ten (10) instructional days following the end of the session. In extenuating circumstances, the Principal may allow an extension.

    1. 36Week Final Average


    (a)           To pass for the year, the student must have at least four

    quality points and must pass the fourth 9-weeks period.

    If a student fails the fourth nine weeks, he/she fails the

    entire year and must repeat the entire course

    regardless of the final average. In this case, no final

    grade should be recorded on the report card.

    In place of the grade, the computer will record "F*" and

    note on the bottom of the report card, "Automatic F".

    *Automatic F because failed second semester.

                Example: 1st 9wk    2nd 9wks.   3rd 9wks   4th 9wks                           Final

                          C                   C                    D           F                                        F

    (b)          If a student fails the year because of a lack of attendance, the teacher will have the office place an "*" on the computer for the final grade and semester grade.



    1. Grade Point Average and Honors (Grades 9 - 12)

    A student's G. P. A. is based upon the final letter grade in all courses attempted. If a student repeats a course failed, the grade received in the failed course shall still be computed in the G. P. A. Students will not be permitted to repeat courses previously passed. Special circumstances concerning seniors who are qualifying for scholarships must be reviewed by the Principal and reviewed by the Assistant Superintendent.

    (a)           A grade point average is defined as an average of all subjects together, where A =4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0.

    (b)          Students with a grade point average of 3.7500 to 4.0000 will be honored with the designation Summa Cum Laude, students with a grade point average 3.5000 to 3.7499 will be honored with the designation Magna Cum Laude; and students with a grade point average 3.0000 to 3.4999 will be honored with the designation of Cum Laude. Special recognition shall be given to students who have a 4.0000 average.


    1.      Grade Level Classification

                   (a)          High school students will be classified by units earned:

                   Years                                                  Credits

    1  Freshman                                                     0 -     5.5   credits

    2  Sophomore                                                 6 -   11.5   credits

    3  Junior                                                            12 -  17.5  credits

    4  Senior                                                            18 -   or more credits


    (b)          Changes in student grade level classification will take place at the end of a complete school year.



    Students should have all fees cleared by the end of each nine-weeks.  After an appropriate amount of time, all fees will be posted as a debt owed to the school. All debts must be cleared before a student can graduate.  Lunch and library debts are added to the JPAMS system at the end of the school year.  All debts must be cleared before students may attend selected extra-curricular events, including dances, graduation and Wacky Olympics. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER FOR DRIVER’S EDUCATION.   No exceptions to this policy.  All student school debts are posted in the JCAMPUS Parent Command Center for parental viewing. Call 384-1754, ext. 2106 with questions concerning debts. Call 384-1754 ext. 2112 for cafeteria debts.

    The MCHS Administration may reduce or waive certain fees for economically disadvantaged students and students whose families are experiencing economic hardship include, but are not necessarily limited to, families receiving unemployment benefits or public assistance, Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid; foster families caring for children in foster care; and families that are homeless.



    It is the student's responsibility to make up all missed work.  Arrangements to take make-up tests and complete assignments must be made with the teacher within 3 days of the student's return to school. Centers are scheduled after school to provide make up opportunities for students without causing the student to miss instructional time.




                  Teachers have the option of assigning students to the “Assignment Recovery” program if assignments/homework are not submitted. Students will report to the library at recess to complete the assignment. They can earn partial credit for their work which will replace the “0” in the gradebook. Students failing to attend will be assigned to detention.



    Students will receive a computerized report card for each 9-week grading period containing grades for all subjects, attendance, and teacher/administrator comments.  Refer to your school calendar for dates. 



    Conferences between teachers and parents are strongly encouraged when a student is having difficulty in a course.  Please call 384-1754 ext. 2107 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are generally scheduled for the following day during the teacher’s prep period.



    All students will receive progress reports at the mid-point of the nine weeks.  Refer to your school calendar for actual dates.



    Full participation in the graduation ceremony at Morgan City High School is a privilege, not a right, for the individual student and his/her parents.  Therefore, the privilege of graduating with one's class on graduation day is governed by the following principles:

    1. Successful completion of the course of studies required by the State of Louisiana.
    2. Successful completion of the course of studies required by the St. Mary Parish School Board
    3. Certification by Morgan City High School's administrators as having followed the rules and regulations of the school to such a degree that the student is worthy of the privilege of being an active participant in the graduation ceremony, including attendance.
    4. Passing all required parts of the state mandated testing.
    5. All debts to MCHS or SMPSB must be paid, which include financial debts and detention/discipline debts, before graduation practice.
    6. Attendance of mandatory graduation practice.
    7. If a student completes requirements for graduation at midterm but chooses to return for the following semester, then decides to exit at some point during the spring session, they will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    8. Students must be in good standing with the school. Students attending the alternative school are not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.


    Graduation Notes:

    1. All requirements must be met before a student is allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    2. If one or more of the requirements are not met, the student will not participate in the graduation ceremony, but will receive his/her diploma in the mail once requirements are met.
    3. Midterm graduates are not allowed to continue to participate in school athletics or organizations. They are allowed to attend Sadie Hawkins, Senior Meeting, Prom and Graduation.




    Morgan City High School promotes our daily activities and events via social media, i.e. Facebook.  Parental permission forms are sent home at the start of the school year. This form must be on file in order for MCHS to publish your child’s photograph digitally or in our annual yearbook. Negative or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated on our Social Media pages and may result in the person making the comments being permanently banned from the site.



    If a parent/guardian wishes for his or her child to be checked out by someone other than a parent or grandparent, the office must have on file a parental release form. The parent/guardian must appear in person to sign this form in the presence of an employee of MCHS. The form must be on file 24 hours in advance of the first check out by a designated person listed on the form. People listed on the form must be at least 18 years of age or older and cannot be a current high school student. The form is good for the duration of a student’s attendance at MCHS. For the safety and protection of our students, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy. Please do not call the school to ask if someone not listed on the form can check out your child as we will not be able to honor this request. Sample form at the back of the handbook.






    1. Absences described in the policy are to take care of:
    2. a personal illness
    3. professional appointments that could not be scheduled

                         outside of a regular school day

    1. other serious or personal problems
    2. School sponsored or sanctioned activities will not count toward total absences.
    3. Principals and their staffs will contact parents whenever illegal or suspicious absences occur. The principal may send a referral for investigation and/or home visits to the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.
    4. The St. Mary Parish School Board Office of Special Education provides Homebound Instruction to pupils who have health problems requiring them to miss school for at least ten (10) days.

    (See Homebound Policy)

    1. A student suspended (out of school) for disciplinary reasons will have those days charged against the total number of absences.
    2. It is extremely important that students and parents realize and understand that days of absence built into the attendance policy are not to be used as skip days, but rather they should be used only as indicated in this policy.
    3. All students enrolled in alternative to regular placement will adhere to the same attendance policy as regular students.
    4. A student will not be allowed to leave school early unless a parent or guardian personally signs the student out of the office. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS POLICY!

    A check out will count as an absence.  In case of extenuating circumstances parents may appeal to the principal.



    Attendance Policy for High School:


    *The Attendance Policy for the St. Mary Parish School Board states that when a student misses 11 days unexcused, the next unexcused absence will result in the student failing for the year. Notices will be given to students that miss 3 days. A notice will be mailed home at 5 days, 8 days, and 11 days. Recommendation will be made for a COURT REFERRAL for any days over 11 days that are not extenuating circumstances.




    For complete attendance policy requirements, see the “Guide for St. Mary Parish Schools”.


     We will require that all official excuses be submitted to the office within five school days of the receipt of the "loss of credit" notice. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to resolve the matter within a five-day period. Excuses must be an original; copies will not be accepted. If an excuse looks to be altered, the doctor’s office will be contacted for verification. Students submitting an altered excuse will be subject to disciplinary action.  It is the responsibility of the parent/student to inform the school of any address changes.




    A student shall be considered tardy to class if the student is not in the classroom when the bell to begin class ceases.        

    The following procedure is to ensure the enforcement of tardiness regulations including punishment for the violations in making both students and parents accountable for their action.

    Senior High School students (grades 9-12) tardies are as follows:

    (Tardies at the senior high level accumulate across all classes and start over at the beginning of each semester)


    1. When a student receives their first tardy the Administration shall warn the student of the consequences of future tardies. (This is a recorded referral.)
    2. When a student receives a second tardy, he/she will be assigned two (2) hours of detention in the Student ASAC Center. For all subsequent tardies the student will be assigned four (4) hours in SAC.  On the sixth tardy, parents will be notified for a conference with the principal/assistant principal, which must be held before the student may continue in school, in addition to the four hours in SAC.  Four (4) hours of SAC will be assigned for all tardies after six (6).
    3. All late arriving students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Students will be marked absent from school until a parent or guardian signs that student “In” for the day.


    Extenuating circumstances presented at a parent conference may be given consideration by the administration and teacher to extend the limit. Students with habitual tardiness may be recommended for a hearing.





    A student will not be allowed to leave school early unless a parent/guardian, grandparent, or someone listed on “Parental Release Form” personally signs the student out of the office.  This includes medical appointments.  People listed on the “Parental Release Form” must be 18 years of age or older and cannot be a high school student.  A checkout will count as an absence.

    Once in school, a student is expected to remain on campus.  If an illness makes it necessary for a student to leave school, the following procedure will be used:

    1. A checkout slip should be obtained from the teacher and filled out completely.
    2. No student checking out will be permitted to carry the checkout slip to the office. Another student, designated by the teacher, will bring the checkout slip to the office.
    3. The office secretaries will contact parents.
    4. Students will be dismissed upon arrival of parents.
    5. Morgan City High School students are not allowed to check themselves out, regardless of age, unless they have been legally emancipated.





    All students who complete their class schedule at MCHS before 2:30 P.M. must have their I.D. cards color-coded, have their own transportation, and must leave the campus immediately. Early release seniors are allowed to eat lunch but must leave immediately afterwards.



         *Students are not allowed to have prescription or over-the-counter medication in their possession while on school grounds.

    The following are guidelines for the safe administration of medications at school during school hours—administering of medications at school are for long term use ONLY.


    The parent or guardian shall:


    1. Provide the school nurse with a written order from the physician detailing the name of the drug, the dosage to be given, and the time interval the medication is to be taken. They must provide new doctor orders every time dosage is changed and meet with the school nurse regarding the change(s) made.  A medication form for this may be obtained at the school.
    2. Sign a permission/release form allowing school personnel to comply with the physician’s orders. This must be done before any medication can be accepted or given by the school.
    3. Bring medications to the school in a container appropriately labeled with the child’s name, the dosage to be given, the time to be administered, the physician’s name and the pharmacy that filled the prescription.
    4. Review drug action and possible side effects of medications, complete and sign the care/emergency plan, and provide current phone numbers where they may be reached in the event of an emergency.
    5. Be responsible for keeping the medication supplied to the school to assure continuance of care. School personnel must count all pills and a signed receipt issued for them.
    6. Be allowed to administer medications to their child during school hours. This excludes current medications that have already been accepted by the school nurse for distribution.

    The parent or guardian SHALL NOT:


    1. Send medication to school with the child
    2. Bring medication to school that is not properly labeled.




    Homebound instruction is available for a student with a serious illness or handicap that is verified by a physician’s documentation and will cause the student to miss at least 10 consecutive days.  Application for homebound instruction must be made by contacting the school SBLC Coordinator.




                  Disciplinary action of the school will consist of conferences with administrators, teacher/parent conferences, counseling, lunch detention, after school/weekend detention, suspension, exclusion from extracurricular and co-curricular activities, or other action prescribed by the administrators.


    Failure to adhere to the rules and policies of the St. Mary Parish School Board and Morgan City High School may result in a disciplinary referral from a teacher or other staff member to send the student to the office.  Following the disciplinary conference, a copy of the referral and disciplinary actions will be sent home with the student to be given to the parent/guardian.







    Students may be assigned to lunch detention at the discretion of administration. This detention will last for the duration of lunch recess. Students can opt to purchase lunch from the cafeteria on days that they have been assigned to lunch detention.




    A student may be assigned to SAC for committing certain actions or failing to adhere to school and parish policies.  SAC will be established on school grounds and monitored by a faculty member.  SAC will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:40 PM - 4:40 PM. Saturday sessions may be held. Students will be prevented from attending some school activities (dances and other co-curricular or extra-curricular activities) until an outstanding SAC has been successfully served.  A student who does not successfully complete SAC, on the date scheduled, will have assignment time doubled, and may be assigned to ISS if further absences occur. Saturday detention may be scheduled during the year. These sessions will last from 8AM-Noon. Students must be in proper school uniform and must be inside of the building before the doors are locked at 8AM.


    In School Suspension


    This program is designed to keep students in school, off the streets, promote acceptable behavior and keep students paced with their regular classes as a result of suspension. All students enrolled in grades 5 through 12 must attend ISS when assigned or be referred to the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor. Students assigned to ISS must report to the ISS facility at Morgan City Junior High School by 7:15 AM. The student must be signed in and out of the program by a parent/guardian.




    • Is utilized by the administration for severe infractions or when extenuating circumstances exist.


    NOTE TO ALL SUSPENDED STUDENTS (IN SCHOOL, OUT OF SCHOOL and Assigned to the Alternative School.)

    1. You are not allowed to return to the Morgan City High School campus during the period of time that you are suspended.
    2. You are not allowed to attend any school activity, on or off campus, during the time you are suspended. (Examples: Athletic events and practices, assemblies, pep rallies, programs etc.)
    3. Reinstatement of privileges begins the calendar day after completion of suspension or upon return to MCHS from the alternative school setting.

    NOTE: The principal may grant exceptions.  (Ex: State Testing Days)



    Expulsion is any denial of school attendance for a specific period of time beyond the beginning of the next semester or any permanent denial of school attendance.  The length of the expulsion is determined at a hearing.

    A student who is suspended for the fourth time may be expelled for the remainder of the school year and can attend no school in Louisiana.

    The conviction of any student of a felony or the incarceration of any student in a juvenile institution for an act which had it been committed by an adult would have constituted a felony will be cause for expulsion of the student for a period of time as determined by the Superintendent or his designee. See “A Guide for St. Mary Parish Public Schools” Newspaper for the

    full parish expulsion policy.       




    Any vandalism done to the school or campus (ex. toilet papering during Homecoming or acts such as a “senior prank”) will have severe consequences. Students will be arrested and prosecuted. Students may also be denied privileges such as participating in graduation, attending prom, field trips, etc. Students should not enter the school after hours without the permission of the principal unless it is a school sponsored/school sanctioned event and a school board employee is present. Acts of Vandalism or destruction/littering done to the school or school grounds will not be tolerated. (MCHS Tiger Stadium, Tiger Softball Field and Tiger Baseball Diamond are property of MCHS.).



    1. Non-Graduating Students

    Any student who commits offenses during the last ten (10) days of the school year which result in recommendations for suspension and/or expulsion shall serve the suspension and/or expulsion in the next school year.

    1. Graduating Students
    2. Any senior committing a school-related serious offense (e.g. alcohol/drugs, indecent/inappropriate behavior, assault/battery of school staff, property destruction) may be excluded from year-end activities. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, participation in graduation exercises.


    1. The principal shall also be empowered, in consultation with the Superintendent or designee, to prohibit a senior from participating in graduation exercises for non-school related activities (e.g. arrests, gang-related activities), if the principal deems that the student’s participation will unnecessarily disrupt or detract from the decorum of the graduation exercises.


    1. When a senior is prohibited from participating in graduation exercises, the diploma may be mailed to the student at the end of the school year.


    1. Each school in the school district with graduating seniors shall include this regulation in their senior orientation prior to the end of the year and each senior will sign an appropriated document acknowledging receipt of these regulations. Parents will also receive a letter including information about these regulations from individual schools.


    Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the principal’s decision shall be subject to the final review and approval of the Superintendent.




    Discipline problems on the school bus will be dealt with by the administration of the school responsible for the student in accordance with state laws and parish regulations.  The administration will take action to insure operational safety of the buses. Riding the school bus is a privilege and can be rescinded at any time by the administration when behavior causes concern.




    Students are to be held accountable for their behavior while coming to school, at school, and on their way home after school. All students are under the jurisdiction of the school from the time that they leave home for school in the morning until they return home at the conclusion of the school day.

    Any behavior at school that is not acceptable social behavior will be prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary action.  The school principal shall be the judge of acceptable social behavior.




    ALL VEHICHLES PARKED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY MUST HAVE A VISIBLE PARKING PERMIT. ANY VIOLATIONS WILL RESULT IN A FIVE-DOLLAR FINE. Only licensed drivers who have obtained a school-parking permit are allowed to bring vehicles to school.  Students and teachers may park only in their designated areas.  No one is allowed to sit in a car at any time during the day.  Loitering in the parking areas is forbidden. All vehicles must remain parked at school from arrival in the morning until departure in the afternoon.   Vehicles are off-limits during the school day.




    The St. Mary Parish School Board is dedicated to providing a healthy educational environment to public school students. The School Board recognizes that the use of cellular telephones, with their rapidly developing technological advances, which now include text messaging, photography, and other features, can impair the validity of classroom assessments, violate student privacy, possibly detonate explosive devices, hamper the efforts of administrators charged with maintaining a safe and productive school environment, and severely disrupt the educational process.

    No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee shall use or operate any cellular telephone or other electronic telecommunication device, including but not limited to any facsimile system, radio paging service, mobile telephone service, intercom, electromechanical paging system, cameras, video tape recorders, MP3 players, all Bluetooth enabled devices, watches, Apple watches, Fitbits, headphones, electronic pads, writing tablets, any other smart device, or similar electronic telecommunication device, etc. in any public elementary or secondary school building or on the grounds thereof, or on a school bus, during the regular academic day.

    Unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee, any-cellular telephones and/or other electronic telecommunication device in use or operation during the regular academic day shall be confiscated by a faculty or staff member at the time of the infraction. A student’s refusal to relinquish the device shall result in the student being recommended for expulsion. The confiscated device shall be held in the school’s office, and the student’s parents or guardian shall be contacted. Parents shall be allowed to retrieve the device before, or at the end of the regular academic day. When a student’s device is confiscated pursuant to this policy, he/she shall be disciplined in accordance with the Guide to St. Mary Parish Schools.

    A properly authorized medical device worn by a student shall not be considered a violation of this policy.

    Nothing in this policy shall prohibit the use or operation by any person, including students, of any cellular telephone or other electronic telecommunication device in the event of an emergency.

    As used in this policy, the terms below shall be defined as follows:

    An emergency means an actual or imminent threat to public health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage.

    Use or operation of a cellular telephone or other electronic telecommunication device means the device is being held by a student, or is turned on, makes an audible sound, or is in a mode capable of receiving or transmitting signals.

    The regular academic day shall begin at the time students arrive on campus prior to the tardy bell and conclude upon the dismissal bell at the end of the day.

    Students in Grades PK- 5

    • Electronic Telecommunication Devices are not permitted on campus during regular school hours for any reason for students in PK – 5th grades.

     Students in Grades 6-12

    • Use or operation of electronic telecommunication devices is not permitted on any         school bus used to transport public school students.
    • Use or operation of electronic telecommunication devices is not permitted from the                                time students arrive on campus until the final dismissal bell rings.  Electronic   telecommunication device usage for any purpose is not permitted during school hours. Use or operation includes but is not limited to the following:
    •       Any visual and/or audible signal during school hours,
    • Talking, sending or receiving text messages, listening to music, taking or receiving pictures/video on the phone.
    • Students choosing to bring an electronic telecommunication device to campus must secure it in the off position completely powered down in a car or school locker during school hours.
    • Consequences for Violation:
    • First offense - The electronic telecommunication device/cell phone will be confiscated by school officials; parent will be contacted to sign a release of the device within 24 hours.
    • Second offense- The electronic telecommunication device will be confiscated by school officials; parent will be contacted to sign a release of the device within 24 hours. The student will be assigned detention. 
    • Subsequent offense – The electronic device/cell phone will be confiscated by school officials; parent will be contacted to sign a release of the device within 24 hours. The student will receive one (1) day of in-school suspension.

    Revised July 9, 2020




    All dances are intended to provide for the recreational and social needs of the students of Morgan City High.  Revenues earned from the sponsorship are channeled directly into athletic or club accounts for financing extra-curricular activities.  The following rules are in effect:

    1. The Homecoming dance is an “informal” dance. JROTC Military Ball and Prom are considered “formal” dances. Sadie Hawkins is a “themed-attired” dance. Formal dances require that young men wear a tuxedo or a suit and tie with dress shoes (no tennis shoes, etc…). Young ladies are to wear formal dresses that are no shorter than two inches above the knee. Administration will monitor for proper attire at the entrance to each dance. If you have concerns about your garments, please seek administrative approval prior to the date of the dance.
    2. General school rules and regulations are in effect.
    3. Dress codes will fit the needs of each individual dance with administrative approval.
    4. D. cards must be presented upon entering; one ID per couple.

    *Some dances (after-game dances, etc.) may require one I.D. per person.

    1. Students who are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be turned over to their parents. A field sobriety test may be administered by a Morgan City Police officer, if deemed necessary by the administration. School and parish procedures in these situations will be followed by the administration.
    2. Dances will last from 9:00 to 12:00 midnight.  No student will be permitted to enter after 9:15 and no one will be permitted to leave until the doors are opened at 11:30. All students are encouraged to stay until the dance ends at midnight.
    3. Court members must also attend the dance. No exceptions.
    4. All dance sponsors are responsible for security at each dance. At least one policeman will be hired.
    5. Students may be excluded from selected dances if the student owes debts, detention, or has been excessively absent from school (at risk for loss of credit).
    6. Elementary and Junior High students are not allowed to attend MCHS dances. Students who have left MCHS to attend the alternative school or who have exited MCHS for disciplinary reasons are NOT eligible to attend MCHS dances.
    7. All persons attending a school dance who are not students of MCHS will have to be pre-registered in the office at least one week in advance in order to receive administrative approval. These students must also present a picture ID to gain entry into the dance.


    Conduct of students at extra-curricular activities (dances, athletic events, etc.) held on or off the campus must be the same as required at school.  School officials have the same authority (Louisiana Revised Statute 17:416) to maintain discipline at these functions that they would normally have on the school campus during the school day.

    PROM DRESS CODE       

    Males: Collared shirts with tuxedo. Appropriate socks must be worn. T-shirts, sunglasses, tennis shoes, flip-flops, sandals, crocs and shorts are not allowed at any time. No baseball caps allowed in the building. Facial rings (lip, eye, or nose rings) are not allowed. 

    Females: Formal Floor Length Gowns are required. Necklines should maintain modesty with no extreme plunging. Dresses may be backless as long as they are not cut below the navel line or waist. Dresses may not have a slit that exceeds past mid-thigh. This is fingertip length. (Place your arms down at your sides; the slit cannot be past your fingertips. Dresses may be two pieces but the midriff showing may only be one inch wide. Dresses may have mesh fabric, but any exposed area cannot exceed one-half inch wide. Dress should not be tight enough to reveal undergarment lines underneath. Navel, rear end, and excessive cleavage should be covered. Tennis shoes, flip-flop, sandals, crocs and slippers are not allowed. Facial rings (lip, eye, or nose rings) are not allowed.





    Inappropriate items will be confiscated, tagged, and placed in front office for pick up when permitted.

    Parents will be contacted regarding change of apparel.

    Offenses will result in SAC, suspension, or suspension pending a hearing depending on the nature and frequency of the offense.


    1. Proper undergarments must be worn to maintain the integrity of the school uniform (undergarments should not be visible).
    2. Students will be allowed to wear chains and necklaces only on the inside of all of their clothing.
    3. Traditional earrings worn in the ear lobes are the only body-piercing jewelry permitted.
    4. Wearing caps, hats, head covering, bandanas, etc. is not permitted
    5. Wearing sunglasses inside the school building is not permitted.
    6. Combs must be stored in a pocket, purse, locker, or out of sight and shall be used for grooming in a dressing area setting only (not in the hallways).
    7. School uniforms must be clean and neat.
    8. Haircuts and hairstyles must be neat, clean and presentable. (Hair rollers or “set” is prohibited.)

    Students will be required to house all backpacks/school bags in their lockers during the school day. These bags will not be allowed in the class setting.



    1. Blue jeans- full length denim jeans. (No capris, skirts, or shorts.) Jeans must not have holes that show skin.
    2. C.H.S. spirit shirt (Only school issued shirts representing MCHS or MCHS organizations. Plain white or green shirts are not acceptable.)
    3. Footwear needs to follow school dress policy.
    4. Spirit shirts are only allowed on designated spirit days.
    5. Students opting not to wear jeans and a spirit shirt must wear regular school uniforms on spirit days.
    6. Dollar Jeans Day Fundraisers are held throughout the year.





    9·12 GRADES- White or school-colored short or long-sleeved polo "golf or oxford style shirts are to be worn by all high school students ”Polo" shirts must have at least two buttons and a collar. Pockets are permissible. Oxford shirts must button all the way down. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Name brand emblems are not allowed on shirts.

    *Designated School Colors for Morgan City High School is FOREST GREEN.

    1. 2. Male students must wear khaki-colored, uniform style pants or shorts. Pants/shorts can be pleated or straight fronts. Pants/shorts are to be the appropriate size for the student, must fit properly at the waist and must be neither too tight nor too baggy. Pants/shorts must be worn so that the waist of the garment cannot go lower than the hipbone. No side pockets are allowed on the lower legs of pants/shorts. No external pockets are allowed on the pants/shorts. Exaggerated size pant bottoms (not to exceed 22" in circumferencl8) and/or fraying of hems are not allowed. No visible name brand emblems are allowed on these garments. Khaki-colored jean/denim style pants/shorts, overalls, corduroys, warm-ups, cargo and drawstring clothing are not considered to be acceptable uniform style pants.
    2. 3. Female students must wear khaki-colored, uniform style pants or shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers. These garments can be pleated or straight fronts. These garments are to be the appropriate size for the student, must fit properly at the waist, (no hip-huggers or low riders), and must be neither too tight nor too baggy. No side pockets are allowed on the lower legs of pants/shorts. Exaggerated size pant bottoms (not to exceed 22" in circumference) and/or fraying of hems are not allowed. Short skirts cannot be wrap around or have splits in front or back. Hemlines of shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers cannot exceed two inches above the knee. Only longer skirts (27" or more) may have splits in back or side. No side pockets are allowed on short or long skirts. No external pockets are allowed on pants/shorts or skorts. No visible name brand emblems are allowed on these garments. Khaki-colored jean/denim style pants/shorts, overalls, corduroys, warm-ups, cargo, capri, leggings, and drawstring clothing are not considered to be acceptable uniform style pants.
    3. 4. Students must wear solid white, navy blue, khaki/tan, brown or black colored socks with no logos or emblems on t Lengths may vary from above the anklebone to mid-calf to knee and must be visible at all times. Socks must be worn above the ankle and must be visible at all times. (No anklet socks allowed) The same colored tights or stockings may be worn instead to accompany the uniform.
    4. 5. Students must wear a solid khaki, black, navy blue or brown (leather or cloth) belt with the uniform style pants. Standard size buckles are required- not to exceed 2" in height. (No big buckles are allowed.)
    5. 6. Students must wear shoes such as tennis, casual or dress styles. No sandals, thongs, boots (to the knee) or other inappropriate footwear are allowed. Shoes must have a complete front and back. Shoes requiring laces must have the

     laces and be kept tied at all times during the day.


    1. Solid navy blue, white, khaki/tan or school-colored sweatshirts, sweaters or sweater vests may be worn over polo or oxford shirts. No contrasting colors, stripes, etc. will be allowed. Sweatshirts, sweaters and/or sweater vests may have official school mascot/logo on them. Sweatshirts must be pullover in nature and may have hoods. The hood must be removed once inside the building. Uniform shirt collars must be visible at all times when wearing these garments.


    1. A lightweight jacket, parka, or windbreaker can be worn when experiencing cooler weather (fall) or when buildings are too cool for students. The garment must be solid navy blue, khaki/tan, white, black, brown or designated school color. No contrasting colors, stripes, etc. will be allowed. These garments may have hoods but must be free of name brand emblems. The hood must be removed once inside the building. Official school mascots/logos may be located on these additional garments. School-issued jackets may be taken into consideration as part of the uniform.
    2. Any long or short-sleeved undergarment worn under the uniform shirt must be of the uniform colors designated by the school.


    1. Students who transfer into St. Mary Parish will be allowed two weeks to purchase uniforms and comply with the policy.
    2. Clothing must be neat, clean, modest, and properly worn and the correct size for the student. Blue jeans are allowed (when designated by the principal) but must meet the same criteria as the uniform pants. Accessories, book sacks, book covers, or any other item containing graffiti, or writing/symbols which may be perceived as vulgar, profane, disruptive, gang­-related, violent, heavy metal, tobacco or alcohol related language are not to be worn or brought on the school campus.
    3. Spirit shirts may be worn with approved pant/shorts, skirts, etc. on such designated days as determined by the principal. The students have the option of wearing the spirit shirt or the standard school uniform.
    4. 4. The school principal/designee will make final decisions on acceptance of garments within the uniform policy guidelines.

    Non-Compliance Procedures for Dress Code Policy

    The student dress code policy shall apply to all students in all schools in St. Mary Parish. Implementation of the mandatory dress code policy began with the opening of the 1999-2000 school year.

    The following are approved disciplinary procedures for students (Pre-K - 12th grade) who are in noncompliance with the mandatory dress code policy:

    *First Offense: A telephone call will be made by the administration to the parent/guardian to attend a conference concerning the dress code policy. Parent/guardian should also bring appropriate change of clothing to school.


    *Second Offense: A telephone call will be made by the administration to the parent/guardian to alert parent that the child is being referred to two (2) hours in the student adjustment center for appropriate disciplinary action as determined by the administration. Parent/guardian should also bring appropriate change of clothing to school and will be required to attend a conference with the administration prior to the student returning to class.

    *Third Offense: A telephone call will be made by the administration to the parent/guardian to alert parent that the child is being referred to four (4) hours in the student adjustment center for appropriate disciplinary action as determined by the administration. Parent/guardian should also bring appropriate change of clothing to school and will be required to attend a conference with the administration prior to the student return to class.

    A student's clothing must be the appropriate, standard school uniform as determined by the St. Mary Parish School Board and as interpreted by the principal. The principal will make the determination regarding the acceptability of a student's uniform dress, accessories, and appearance.




    (Campus = main building and grounds, stadium, baseball field, and softball field.)


                  Students may enter the building at 7:00 AM and are to report to the boys’ gym until 7:10 AM. Carts are stationed in two locations each morning to provide students with nutritious breakfast items.  Students may not enter the Library until the 07:10 AM bell.

    No student will be allowed to leave the school grounds from the time of arrival on campus in the morning until dismissal in the afternoon.  If it is necessary to leave the grounds at any time during school hours, special permission must be obtained in the office. 

    All bus students must remain on the school grounds from the time they get to school until they leave in the afternoon.

    The campus is closed to individuals who have no official business with the school.  All visitors must report to the school office for proper permission.  Students may be disciplined for encouraging unauthorized visitors to come on campus.

    Some athletic PE classes are held at Tiger Diamond, the stadium, and Magee Park. Some vocational classes are also held at off campus facilities and locations.




    School telephones are for the use of official school business only. Students completing their school day before 2:30 P.M. must have their own transportation home and are not permitted to use the phone for this purpose.  Students are not permitted to stay on campus after completing their classes.




    Students are requested to properly mark all their belongings so that ownership can be easily established.  The lost and found department is located in the front office. 




    Our cafeteria serves breakfast (7:00-7:26) and lunch (12:12-12:40) each school day. Because of the large number of students eating in the cafeteria each day, students are asked to be considerate of others by observing the following:

    1. Cutting in line or saving a place for another person is not allowed.
    2. Chairs and tables should be left in place.
    3. All utensils should be returned to the dishwashing area.
    4. Food items and straws may not be taken out of the cafeteria.
    5. I.D. cards or a temporary I.D. must be presented to eat in the cafeteria. Students with temporary I.D. cards must wait until the second half of lunch to eat. Violations of this policy will result in a two-hour SAC.
    6. Soft drinks may not be consumed in the cafeteria.
    7. If a child brings a lunch from home, lunch must be eaten in the school cafeteria. (This is a rule from the State Board of Health.)  Students will be able to purchase milk from the cafeteria to go with their lunch
    8. Concessions may be sold the last ten minutes of the lunch    period. 
    9. 9.      No one is to bring “fast foods” to students at school.
    10. Sufficient time will be provided for everyone to eat his/her meal.




                   See A Guide for St. Mary Parish Public Schools newspaper for information concerning student insurance.




    The MCHS library is open for use from 7:11 until 2:40, including lunch.  Students who need to schedule additional time, before or after school, may do so by making arrangements with the librarian.

    General circulation books may be checked out for two weeks, and reference books and reserved books are checked out for two days.  The fine for overdue general circulation books is five cents per day.  Reference books and reserved books are twenty-five cents for each day the books are overdue.





    All students must rent a hall locker and all P.E. students must rent a P.E. locker.  Lockers cannot be shared by students.

    All P.E. and hall lockers rented to the student remain the property of MCHS.  As such, locker inspections by school authorities without a search warrant are the right and responsibility of the school. Therefore, the St. Mary Parish School Board authorizes the administrators, or other designee, to search any public school building, desk, locker area or grounds, including privately owned vehicles parked on school property, for evidence that the law, a school rule, or school board policy has been violated. Items which are specifically prohibited by law, by school board policy, or by school regulations may be impounded.

    As property of the school, each locker must be maintained in good condition.  Do not write on the lockers.  Report all malfunctions.  Each locker is provided with a registered lock which must remain on the locker.  No additional locks are to be used.  Empty lockers are to remain locked and are not to be taken over for use by other students unless a transfer has been arranged through the office.

    All P.E. lockers are rented through the P.E. Department, and hall lockers are rented through the front office. (One locker per person).  Each student should keep the lockers locked.  Each student should keep lock combinations confidential. A replacement cost of $5.00 which be charged to the student if the lock is missing.

    The daily schedule does not provide time for students to go to their lockers for each class period.  Students are to pick up books in the morning before school, at locker break, at lunch, and after school.  Students ARE NOT to go to lockers during class time for any reason. All school bags/backpacks will be required to remain in the student’s locker and will not be permitted into the class setting.




    All students must have an I.D.  The I.D. must be worn on a lanyard during the school day.  In the case that a student forgets his/her I.D. card, the student must purchase a Temporary Identification card (TIC) for $1.00 or receive a referral for 2 hours of SAC.  Student identification cards are to be issued at the beginning of school.  The cost is covered in the school fee.  Replacement fees are $8.00 for the ID and lanyard. The card is non-transferable.  It is honored at all public schools in the parish.

    1. Students must present I.D. cards to attend all functions

                   sponsored by MCHS.

    1. Seniors must have I.D. cards color-coded to leave school before 2:30 p.m.               
    2. Students must have I.D. cards to attend athletic events at student prices, if applicable. If I.D. card is not presented, adult prices will be charged.
    3. Students are required to present I.D. cards before being allowed to eat in the cafeteria.
    4. Anyone using an ID card illegally will be subject to                                          disciplinary action.      
    5.             If a student’s grade classification changes during the year the student is not required to purchase a new ID. If they wish to have an ID with their new grade, they must purchase the ID for a cost of $5.00.




                     Homework is assigned by teachers to provide practice on material covered that day, to determine student knowledge and understanding of a concept, to prepare students for testing, and to build skills and abilities of students. When assigned, homework will be meaningful and reasonable in length (or amount). It is extremely beneficial for students to complete homework in order to strengthen understanding of material. Many assignments are also picked up and graded. Homework assignments can significantly impact a child’s grade.       



    As a student-athlete in an LHSAA member school, you must meet all of the following rules to be eligible for interscholastic athletic competition.


    1. A player shall be a bona fide student of his/her school.
    2. You must attend class during the first 11 days of the first semester or you will be ineligible for the first 30 school days.
    3. You cannot become 19 years of age prior to September 1 of this year.
    4. You must provide legal proof of age and it must be kept on file.
    5. Once you enter the high school campus, you have eight consecutive semesters in which to play athletics.
    6. (For regular education high school students.) To be eligible for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, a student shall have earned at least six (6) units from the 2019-2020 school year which shall be listed on the student’s transcript, including any special education subject(s) and shall have at least a “C “ average as determined by the Local Education Authority when considering all “graded” subjects. (Special education students must consult the school principal, athletic director, or coach for scholastic information.)  Also, seniors may not need the entire five credits.
    7. If you attend a school outside your "Home Attendance Zone", you are automatically ineligible for one year unless you meet the provisions of the Transfer Rule.
    8. A student who is a member of an LHSAA team may not practice with or play in a contest with an independent team (AAU, summer baseball, etc.) in the same sport that the school team he represents is competing.
    9. You must pass a physical examination prior to the sports season. (Tryouts and pre-season practice are included in the sports season)
    10. Suspended and ineligible students cannot play or practice in any interscholastic contest on any team at any school at any level.
    11. A student failing a class may not miss that class to travel with an athletic team.


    Quick Reference

    The following St. Mary Parish School board policies will be strictly enforced during the 2020-2021 school year. Below is a review of the policy and consequences that students will face. No exceptions will be made to these consequences.

    Dress Code:

    Shirts: White or forest green short or long-sleeved polo or oxford style shirts.

    Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

    Name brand emblems are not allowed on shirts.

    Pants/Shorts: Pants/shorts must be the appropriate size for the student.

    Pants/shorts must fit properly at the waist and must be neither to tight nor too baggy.

    No side pockets are allowed on the lower legs of pants/shorts.


    These garments are to be the appropriate size for the student, must fit properly at the waist, and must be neither too tight nor too big. . (Positively no hip-huggers or low riders)

    No side pockets are allowed on the lower legs of pants/shorts.


    Socks: Socks must be solid white, navy blue, khaki/tan or black colored with no logos or emblems on them.

    Belts: Belts must be solid khaki, black, navy blue, or brown and either leather or cloth. Standard size buckles are required-not to exceed 2” in height and must be a basic buckle.

    Shoes: Students must wear shoes such as tennis, casual or dress styles. (Positively no sandals, thongs, boots (at the knee) or other inappropriate footwear are allowed.)

    Sweatshirts/sweaters or sweater vests: These garments may be worn over polo or oxford shirts and must be solid navy blue, white, khaki/tan or school colored.

    Jackets/Parkas/Windbreakers: These garments must be solid navy blue, khaki/tan, white, black, brown or designated school color. Hoods on any type of garment must be removed once inside buildings.

    Spirit Day Dress: Only MCHS spirit shirts can be worn with jeans on Spirit Days.


    Policies and Consequences:

    For Minor Dress Code Violations: There will be no warnings for Dress Code violations.

    First violation, second violation, third violation = lunch detention.

    Fourth violation, fifth violation, Sixth violation = 2 hours of detention

    Anything after six dress code violations = 4 hours of detention.

    Chronic violation will result in a recommendation for a school board hearing.

    Tardies: (to school and to class) First tardy = warning

    Second tardy = 2 hours of detention

    Third tardy, fourth tardy, fifth tardy = 4 hours of detention

    Sixth tardy = parent conference and 4 hours of detention

    Chronic violation will result in a recommendation for a school board hearing.


                  Detention: Tuesday and Thursday from 2:40 p.m. until 4:40 p.m. Students that miss detention will be assessed additional detention as follows:

    1. 2 hours missed = 4 hours of detention
    2. 4 hours missed = 1 day of ISSP

    *Chronic violation will result in a recommendation for a                                        school board hearing.

    Book sacks:           Clear or mesh books are recommended.  Books sacks must be kept in lockers during the day and will not be allowed in classes. This goes for PE classes as well.

    Lockers:                Students must use their assigned lockers; no switching will be allowed. Students are expected to

                                  Keep their lockers locked at all times. The school is

                                  not responsible for any items missing from lockers.

    Cell Phones/

    Smart  Devices:    MUST BE TURNED OFF AND STORED IN LOCKER FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. See the SMPSB newspaper for complete policy details.


                  Morgan City High School’s

               Parent/Guardian/Grandparent Release Form

    *In order for your child to be released to an adult other than a parent or grandparent this form must be on file in the MCHS office.



    Please Print:


    I, (print) _________________________________, do hereby give permission to

       (Limited to three names)


    1. _____________________________________________


    1. _____________________________________________



    1. _____________________________________________


    to check out

    1. _____________________________________________

    Student’s Name                 Date of Birth


    1. _____________________________________________

    Student’s Name                 Date of Birth


    1. ______________________________________________

    Student’s Name                 Date of Birth


    From Morgan City High School. I understand that my designees must be 18 years of age and must not be a student of any high school or comparable school. I also agree that this designee may only check out the above named students in what the administration deems an emergency. Their judgment and decision  is final.



    • The parent/guardian/grandparent must appear in person to sign this form at MCHS.
    • This form must be on file 24 hours in advance of the first checkout by a designee.
    • This form is good for the duration of a student’s attendance at MCHS.


    __________________________________        ________________

    Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian         Relationship



    Denied  ___________








    Morgan City High School Fees






    ID and Lanyard



    Each student receives a school-issued ID and lanyard at beginning of year.

    Replacement ID and Lanyard



    Replacement cost if lost/damaged during school year.

    Parking Permit



    Parking tag for those who drive to school and park.

    Hall Locker



    All students are issued a locker at beginning of school year.

    English $2.00, Math $2.00, and  Social Studies $1.00 Fee



    Consumables, supplies and lab supplies.

    Planner fee



    All students are issued a student handbook at beginning of school.

    Band Fee



    Full Dress Uniform Cleaning (3x), Bus travel, lunch for 2 weeks of band camp, and sandwiches for away games.

    Band Color Guard

    Band Percussion Fees




    Color Guard Uniforms

    Sticks and mallets used during season.

    Choir Fee



    Travel, music, and accompanist for events.


    Custom Sewing




    Various supplies and ingredients.

    Supplies (Patterns, materials, etc…)

    Health Occupations



    CPR Lab Fee ($25), CNA Supply Fee ($10), CPR Card Fee ($7) plus student must purchase scrub uniform.

    Art Fee



    Supplies for Projects and Assignments




    PT Uniform ($15) and Military Ball Fee ($10)








    A L M A  M A T E R

    Where God's green glory shelters her,

    She stands triumphant there.

    With hearts aglow with deepest love,

    Her praises fill the air.

    M.C.H.S. Alma Mater,

    We love to praise thy name

    And always will adore thee

    and strive to bring thee fame.