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Panther Nation Chess Club

  • "Chess is the Gymnasium of the Mind." -Blaise Pascal

    Panther Nation Chess Club is open to all Berwick High School (BHS) students, regardless of skill level. Are you are a skilled player who wants to sharpen your skills? Do you just enjoy playing the game? Or are you are a beginner who simply wants to learn how to play the game? YOU ARE WELCOME!


    The Panther Nation Chess Club is about every chess enthusiast getting together with other people who share a common interest in the game of chess. Members will improve critical and analytical thinking skills that are essential to have in the real world. Regardless of skill level, we welcome any person who wants to join.


    Playing chess helps to develop many mental skills that are useful in life, such as: logic, strategic and tactical thinking, planning and preparation, and problem-solving. The Panther Chess Club provides an opportunity to simply have fun playing the game and making friendships, while building these skills at the same time.


    Currently, we are meeting Wednesdays at lunch in Mrs. Campbell's room (116) and we plan to incorporate an afterschool time as well as some weekend opportunities to gather and play. So, let's "brown bag" it and we'll see you on Wednesday!



    Mrs. Campbell

    Mr. Robertson

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