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      Beta Club is a service organization pairing academics and selflessness.  

      We participate in several service projects in our school and community throughout the year.

       Check TEAMS for important announcements and service hour opportunities.





      Vice President:





      *  Members must maintain a 3.5 g.p.a. as well as participate in our service projects throughout the year.

      *  Local dues are $10.  Please pay your dues by Friday, September 17.

      *  Sophomores will be inducted at the beginning of the school year and will pay a one-time national dues of $15 and local club dues of $10.

      *  Members must complete 10 documented service hours per year.  Five hours must be performed with the club at club sanctioned activities (i.e. Pancakes in the Park, Good Friday fish fry, Christmas project, AARP, or any other activity that I specifically ask for help with) and five hours must be obtained at outside service activities.  All 10 hours may come from club events; however, all 10 hours may not come from outside activities.  

       *  Please check member status list, which is posted on Mrs. Izaguirre's door.

      * Please check teams for notifications about service hour opportunities.


      service hours form



      Please turn in all service hours to Mrs. Izaguirre.





      Seniors:    Your service hours are due Friday May 6!!!  After final exams, we will check final GPAs as well as service hours, and stoles will be handed out on graduation night.