Berwick Powerlifting
  • Congratulations to Blake Pennison and Chaz Perry, who were both State Runner up in their weight class at the State Championships on March 17.
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    Congratulations to our Regional Qualifiers
    Girls:  Mary Grace Theriot, Adella Guidroz, Nicole Johnson, Kayley Girior and Jaleah Gray
    Boys:  Dylan Cothran, Sebastian Fuentes, Blake Pennison, Alex Gaddis, Brett Lemoine, Brennan Benedietto, Braxton Laurent, Arturo Salinas, Chaz Perry, Trenton Hebert and Austin Vercher 
    Congratulations to our lifters who placed at the Last Chance Woodlawn Invitational.  
     last chance meet girls
    Girls:  Cate Koen, 2nd place; Nicole Johnson 3rd place; Adella Guidroz 1st Place
    woodlawn boys last chance  
    Boys:  Blake Pennison 2nd place; Sebastian Fuentes 2nd place;  Austin Vercher 2nd place; Trenton Hebert 3rd place; Dylan Cothran 1st place; Arturo Salinas 3rd place; Braxton Laurent 2nd place; Brett Lemoine 2nd place; Brennan Benedietto 1st place
    Congratulations to our lifters who placed at the Ellender Invitational.
    emhs girls  emhs boys
    Girls:  Cate Koen, 2nd.  Mary Grace Theriot, 2nd.  Adella Guidroz, 2nd.
    Boys:  Dylan Cothran, 3rd.  Trenton Hebert, 1st.  Brennan Benedietto, 1st, Blake Pennison, 2nd.  Chaz Perry, 3rd 
    Congratulations to our lifters who placed at the Woodlawn Invitational. 
     girls at woodlawn
    Girls: Kayley Girior 3rd place; Mary Grace Theriot 1st place; Cate Koen 1st place; Adella Guidroz 2nd place
    boys at woodlawn  
    Boys: Sebastian Fuentes 3rd place; Brennan Benedietto 1st place and 375 lb. meet squat record; Bristol Gros 3rd place and 435 lb. meet squat record; Braxton Laurent 2nd place; 
    Congratulations to all of our lifters who set many personal bests.