Postive Behavior

  • What is the Positive Behavior Program?


    Students who have not served detention or received a suspension or cellphone violation for an entire semester will be named a PowerCat and will earn a degree level for each semester PowerCat guidelines are met.

    Students must also be in good standing for attendance.

    Monthly PowerCats will be selected from each grade level.

    Students are reminded of the PowerCat expectations in all areas of the school; the classroom, gym, cafeteria, library, hallways, restrooms, etc.

  • What are the criteria for Panther Powercat?

    P – Pride: Be proud of yourself and your school – take ownership

    O – Opportunity: Take advantage of every chance you get

    W – With-it-ness: Follow the rules and take care of your business

    E – Excellence: Strive to be and do the best that you can to succeed

    R – Respect: Respect yourself, others, school, and community

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