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      Safety Measures Effective Immediately (Jan. 2023)

      School district officials, local law enforcement agencies, and school administrators have collaborated to determine additional safety measures. We are calling upon St. Mary Parish citizens to abide by these expectations in order to ensure safety of all in attendance at the sporting events that we all love so much.


      1. All spectators will walk through an upright, walk-through metal detector. Items such as phones, watches, metal belt buckles, key chains, and jewelry, etc. that will set off the metal detector will be placed in a bucket to the side of the metal detector to be collected after walking through.


      2. Anyone who sets off the metal detector will be asked to step outside to be searched with a handheld metal detector wand. Not complying with this request will result in the denial of entry.


      3. Bags and purses will not be allowed inside with the exception of a clear bag no larger than 12” X 6” X 12” which will be searched before entrance is granted.


      4. High-school students must present their school ID to enter or must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


      5. There will be no student drop-offs. Young children and students in grades K-8 can enter only with a parent/guardian, must remain seated with the parent/guardian throughout the game, and must be accompanied by the parent/guardian to concessions and restrooms. Parents/guardians will be responsible for any child in their care.


      6. Re-entries will not be allowed. Should anyone exit, he/she will have to pay to return and will be scanned and searched again.


      7. All spectators will remain in the bleachers and seated throughout the duration of the games unless going to concessions or restrooms. There will be no loitering in parking lots, hallways, vestibules, lobbies, or along fences, etc.