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Tiger Tracks Ambassadors:  

The Faces of Tiger Pride


Nine years ago, MCHS implemented a mentoring program designed to increase student performance scores, decrease drop-out rates, reduce discipline referrals, and establish stronger bonds among students and faculty. This program was named Tiger Tracks because our main goal was to keep freshmen “on track” to graduateOver time, the Tiger Tracks Mentors have expanded to the roles of Ambassadors who serve as the faces of Morgan City Highs School Tiger PrideAmbassadors show support at various school functions, assist with Positive Behavior Initiatives, and overall, help students to cultivate a love for our school and our community. 


Ambassador Qualifications: 

We need a diverse group of students to become Ambassadors. Applicants need to be good listeners, outgoing, confident, respectful, empathetic, motivated, and school-spirited. You must have a respect for diversity and a willingness to support other students. You must apply to become an Ambassador, and a committee will choose this select group. Even though we would love to have ALLseniors and juniors participate, we can only accept a limited number of Ambassadors.  


Ambassador Responsibilities: 

The first official Ambassador responsibility will be to host freshmen orientation. We will schedule meeting times over the summer to plan, and you will be the first friendly faces our freshmen see at MCHS. We want you to talk to the freshmen about classes, grades, attendance, discipline, school activities, and social situations. Above all, we want you to help the freshmen class cultivate a love for MCHS and to encourage them to be successful. Occasionally, we may ask you to represent MCHS at special events, sporting events, or ask you to disseminate information to ALL classes. You will serve as “the face” of Morgan City High School. 


How to Apply:

If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, listen for announcements in May. We'll put Tiger Tracks applications on the Tiger Cage for you to complete. Thanks for visiting our page!