Parent Letter

  • Dear Parents,

    Hattie A. Watts Elementary School welcomes you to the 2019-2020 school year. We are looking forward to an amazing school year. It is our hope that with your help we will educate your child to his or her fullest potential. We are committed to making you an instrumental part of your child’s learning years. Our goal is for teachers, parents, and administrators to communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of your child.

    Your child’s attendance is crucial to academic success. Students must be in class by 7:55 for morning routines. If you would like for your child to eat breakfast, please make sure he/she is at school on time. Breakfast in the classroom will begin at 7:45. Please help us by getting your child to school in plenty of time to make it to class and unpack without being rushed. The instructional bell will ring at 8:00. Students not in class by 8:00 will be tardy.

    After five tardies or early checkouts, a referral to the District Attorney’s office or our Central Office will be made. Please submit doctor excuses immediately following appointments. This eliminates a referral. Please try to schedule all appointments and trips after school hours and on holidays.  Your child cannot make up the actual instruction if not present at school. Any emergency changes to dismissal must be called in before 2:30. Please strive to keep your child’s dismissal the same each day. 

    Homework is an extension of learning and should be completed daily.  If no written work is assigned, have your child read, practice math facts, or study for upcoming tests. Please help us by double checking for homework assignments and checking your child’s work. Your role in the extension of learning is crucial in this time of accountability.  Documentation of missed assignments will be used when looking at stakeholders’ roles—parents are a critical piece. Please monitor homework to help us ensure that your child practices skills at home.

    We are excited to continue our journey as a Leader in Me school. Students will set academic and personal goals each month. Please work with your child to ensure leads, or steps to reach his/her goals, are completed daily. We love watching our students grow.  

    With your continued support, we look forward to an awesome school year. 

    Kind regards,

    Sheryl Gibbons