• Seniors- (Borkowski)- Isabella Lodrigue
    -selection of class shirt, class song, class motto, class flower (nominations due next Friday to Isabella 8/31/18)

    -wall at Homecoming

    Juniors- (Babin/Pye)- Claire Rentrop
    - selection of class shirt (nominations due next Friday to Claire 8/31/18).
    - bonfire for Homecoming

    -wall at Homecoming
    - magazine sales/ workhours as outlined in junior contract
    -sponsor Prom PROM GUIDELINES

    Sophomores- (Mayea)- Grace Lemoine
    -selection of class shirt (nominations due next Friday to Grace 8/31/18).
    -organize Homecoming parade

    -parade permit
    -wall at Homecoming

    Freshmen- (Vasquez)
    -Currently holding elections on Friday (August 25th, 2018)
    -selection of class shirt
    -wall at Homecoming