• Information for Parents Concerning the Watts Library

    Your child will be visiting an exciting part of school this year:  the library!  Here is some information about what to expect.  Preschool through fourth graders will visit the library weekly with their class.  They are expected to adhere to the schoolwide expectations of behavior while in the library.  The library is a learning zone.  Good behavior equals a good experience.  Poor behavior equals loss of library privileges.  Checking out a book is a privilege.  Please discuss proper library behavior and book care with your kids.  Ask them about their experiences and read with them.

    Preschool and kindergarten students visit the library for stories and activities, and their teacher checks out books for them to use in the classroom.  They will not be bringing home library books.  

    First grade students will learn how to check out and care for books, and they will keep their library books at school in their classrooms.  If a library book comes home, please put it back in their book bag with instructions to bring it back to their class.  They are still responsible for the book's care.  Lost or damaged books must be paid for.  Report cards will be held if a debt is owed to school.  

    Second, third, and fourth grade students learn information resource skills, listen to great stories, and choose books.  These students will be allowed to check out one book each week and they may take it home if it is OK with you.  Students who achieve the library AR goal may check otu two books as long as they are responsible.  Taking home a library book is a privilege and a big responsibility.  Students can't check out another book if they don't bring back a book.  It is their responsibility to remember to bring it.  Storing books in their book bags prevents misplacing them at home.  Lost or damaged books must be paid for.  Report cards will be held if a debt is owed to the school.  

    Parish Policy for Paying for Lost and Damaged Books

    If a book is lost, parish policy states that the student ust pay the full price of the book plus 10%.  If the book is found and returned, a refund minus the 10% will be made.  Damaging a book or peeling off barcodes and labels incurs a charge as well.

    Parental Permission

    The library helps students develop responsibility and independence.  Students are responsible for what they check out.  If you DO NOT want your student to check out a book or take it home, write a note indiciating that and send to Watts Elementary, attention Mrs. Easley.  Include studnt name, teacher, and your signature as well.  

    No note is seen as permission to bring home books in second through fourth grades.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, email Mrs. Easley, the librarian, at reasley@stmaryk12.net, or call the school at 985-395-5976.