Grade 6 School Supply Lists

  • Math Requires:                                                        

    1-1 inch binder       

    1-12 pk pencils         

    1-Pack of loose leaf paper   

    1-Pack of page dividers 

    1-Blue pocket folder                                                      

    1-Dry erase markers 

    ELA Requires:

    1- 5 subject notebook

    1- 12pk pencils

    2- blue or black pens

    1- red pen

    1- pk of highlighters

    1- pair of scissors

    1- pk of loose leaf paper

    Science Requires:  

    1-12 pk pencils 

    1-box of colored pencils 

    1-pk of loose leaf paper 

    1-green vinyl pocket folder  

    2-blue or black pens  

    Social Studies Requires:   

    1- 1 in binder 

    1- pk of loose leaf paper

    1- pk of page dividers

    1- 12pk pencils

    1- glue or glue stick

    1- pair of scissors

    1- pk of sticky notes

    4- blue or black pens

     Print a copy of the 6th Grade Supply List (non-accessible PDF)