• After School Care
    Mrs. Kelly, Dirctor


    B.E.S. offers After Care daily from 3:00-5:30 for our students. 

    In order to attend, students must be registered. 
    Students must register every year.
    The fee to register is $10.

    After Care information sheet and Registration Form
    may be printed below or is available in the front office. 


    The After Care feefor the weekly rate is $20.00
    or $5.00 a day for the drop-in rate. 


    *Please send a note when there is a change to your child's usual dismissal procedures.  


    After School Care Forms

    Microsoft word download



  • BES After School Care General Information 2018-2019

    You can open this information in Microsoft word here.

    BES After School Care is currently accepting registration for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Location: BES After School Care Program is located in the Chorus Room.  The door is across from the Berwick Public Library on Fourth St.

    Hours: Monday through Friday - 3:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. - (on regular school days only) After Care will begin on Wednesday, August 8th.  *There will be no after care on any of the early dismissal days in December.


    • $10 nonrefundable -one time registration fee - per student, per school year.
    • Students that are not registered will not be allowed to stay in ASC until the necessary paperwork and fees are collected.

    Student Fees:

    • All fees are due in advance! –All fees are due prior to, or on the first day a student attends for the week / month. Fee schedules will be given to parents at the beginning of the school year, and additional copies will be available in ASC as needed. Fees can be paid by the day, week, or month. Drop in fees must be paid in advance or when the child is picked up. Any student account carrying a balance due, regardless of the amount, will not be allowed to attend ASC. Students will be sent to the office, and parents will be called to come and pick up their child. Cash, Checks, and Money Orders are accepted.  No debit cards or credit cards. Please send payments in an envelope that is clearly labeled with the student’s name(s) and the amount enclosed.
    • Checks are to be made payable to Berwick Elementary School.
    • If you child is considered full time in ASC, payments are due every Monday. If your child is a drop in, the fee is due on the day they attend.
    • Weekly reminders will not be given. Please take care of payments on Mondays. 
    • Students will not be allowed to go on field trips or participate in any end of the year activities or ceremonies if their ASC account has an outstanding balance.
    • Afternoon Weekly Fee – 1st Child - $20, each additional child $12 (includes juice & snack)
    • Full payment is required for each day your child attends ASC – regardless if he/she is picked up prior to 5:30 P.M.
    • Daily Drop-In Fee - $5 per child, per day
    • Late Pick-Up Fee: $5 (5:31 P.M. to 5:36 P.M.), per child, $1 per minute (beginning at 5:37 P.M.) Note: After 3rd late fee – Conference with Ms. Tompkins
    • NSF Check: $10 per check – Future fees will need to be paid in cash.

    Other Information:

    • Parents are responsible for after school transportation.
    • No medicine will be administered by ASC personnel.
    • ASC is not a homework center but we do our best to complete homework on a daily basis. There are times when we are not able to complete homework and appreciate your understanding with this matter. 
    • We try our best to provide a quiet place and time for students to complete homework; however, parents are asked to check their child’s homework at home. ASC personnel are not responsible for checking to make sure that work is completed or completed correctly. Students are not allowed to return to their classrooms for any items that were forgotten. Please stress responsibility and the importance in packing correctly before leaving their classrooms. 
    • After Care Program was established to provide a safe, inexpensive, after school environment for our students whose parents work; therefore, any student who misbehaves in ASC will be subjected to the same disciplinary actions that would be taken during regular school hours.
    • Students may bring DVDs from home as long as they are rated G and are labeled with their name.
    • Students are allowed to bring their own snacks (no candy or nuts of any kinds) but are not allowed to bring their own drinks.
    • Please notify us of any changes to contact information ASAP.