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Degrees: M.S.Ed., Specialization Integrating Technology in the Classroom B.S., Business Management Teaching Certifications: Biology Business Education General Science Health and Physical Education Powerlifting Coach Swim Coach Fitness Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer Certified Youth Fitness Trainer Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist in Fitness Nutrition DNA-Based Fitness Coach Additional Certifications: Arborist License,#168798 Amateur Radio License,#KF5EIA Climbing Instructor, Level 1 Beekeeper Club Sponsor: Chess Club ROV Club TEACHING SCHEDULE (2020 - 2021) (Period 1) (Period 2) (Period 3) (Period 4) (Period 5) (Period 6) (Period 7) Physical Address: 700 Pattie Drive Berwick, LA 70342

Kirstine Gyldenege Campbell

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year at Berwick High School (BHS)! I am teaching Biology I and Biology II. I am excited to be teaching subjects that I am passionate about. I hope to share that enthusiasm with my students as we navigate the curriculum together.

Science is everywhere and in everything. Whether it is your digital alarm clock, the weather report, the asphalt you drive on, the bus you ride in, your decision to eat a baked potato instead of fries, your cell phone, the antibiotics that treat your sore throat, the clean water that comes from your faucet, the weights you pick up and use to train with, and the light that you turn off at the end of the day have all been brought to you courtesy of science. We have also experienced this firsthand with the global impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Certain scientific terms have become commonplace including contact tracing, an epidemic versus a pandemic, and flattening the curve. Together, we will work hard to better understand current events and how they affect us and our "new normal" in both our classroom, albeit physical and/or virtual, and our everyday lives.

Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace, and our children’s future will surely be filled with leaps in technology that we can only begin to imagine. Being “science literate” will no longer be just an advantage but an absolute necessity. We can’t escape from the significance of science in our world. As such, we will spend the year in exploration and innovation. We will ask questions and seek out answers. We will experiment, fail, question, and repeat. To quote Thomas Edison,"I have not failed. I have successfully discovered 10,000 things that won't work." We will appreciate the scientific journey as we learn from both our successes and stumbles.

My hope for my students is that they will begin to view our world with new eyes and appreciate what science can offer by way of inquiry. Instead of trepidation for the science class, I hope that students will be excited for the possibilities it holds. They will be challenged and pushed in ways that force them out of their comfort zone. And they will be rewarded for their effort as they come to gain a better understanding of the amazing planet we call home.

This is my fourth year teaching at BHS and I couldn't be happier. I previously taught fourth grade in East Baton Rouge Parish and then homeschooled my own children through their elementary years. Deciding to reinvent myself and refresh my teaching skill set, I returned to school to obtain my M.S.Ed. with an emphasis on the integration of technology in the classroom. I am enthusiastic to be back in the teaching profession and continue learning alongside both my peers and students. When not involved with school-related activities, I am busy being "mom" to my three children, helping as an assistant Boy Scout troop leader, personal training/teaching group fitness classes, and performing some side work as an arborist and a beekeeper.

Extracurricular activities on campus include coaching the BHS Swim Team and BHS Powerlifting Team, as well as sponsoring the Chess Club and ROV Club. I look forward to a fantastic year!

Mrs. Campbell