Dr. Susan Dupre

Phone: (337) 836-6064 (Office)


Degrees and Certifications:

Degree(s): 2012 ED.D., UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT LAFAYETTE 2008 MASTER'S DEGREE PLUS 30 GRADUATE HOURS, 2003 M.ED., NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY 1988 B.A., NICHOLLS STATE UNIVERSITY General Areas(s) Of Certification: (885) ONLINE INSTRUCTOR, 5/6/2009 (235) EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY FACILITATOR, Grade(s):K-12, 4/7/2006 (48) AYA/English Language Arts National Board Certification, 10/21/2002 (366) BIOLOGY 6-12, Grade(s):6-12, 8/2/1988 (374) ENGLISH 6-12, Grade(s):6-12, 8/2/1988 National Board Certification for Teachers Certificate Date Certificate Area 11/30/2000 English Language Arts/Adolescence and Young Adulthood 11/30/2010 Renewed

Dr. Susan Dupre

Although I started my university studies immediately after graduating from Morgan City High School, I postponed completing my degree to marry my high school sweetheart and raise two daughters--and by the time I returned to school, I had changed my major to education.  

I started my teaching career at MCHS in 1988.  During my tenure there, I taught English I, II, and IV (Honors and Regular) and served as Student Council sponsor and graduation coordinator. In 1995, I began a program for European travel targeting graduating seniors, which expanded to include adult travelers in later years. My classroom was also one of the first in the district to be outfitted with a computer and Internet access, opportunities which opened a new area for my own professional development. 

Armed with my new-found love for technology and a new degree in Educational Technology, I applied for a "temporary" job in 2003 with the district's Technology Department that would take me out of the classroom for a year.  Providing professional development for educators proved to be rewarding and exciting, but I missed working with students.  As a result, I began teaching and creating instructional content for Louisiana Virtual School in my spare time. It was the perfect combination for me!

And now, years later, I still love my job as Technology Facilitator because it is never the same from one day to the next.  In this position, I manage our Blackboard Learn and Collaborate Ultra environments and support teachers who are moving toward blended learning for their students. I maintain the district's website and provide support to school-level web administrators with their sites. I am also charged with the management of the St. Mary Parish Virtual Learning Program, which we organized in 2012 to support learning when student needs don't mesh with a traditional classroom setting. But the best part of my day is when I can research and resolve a problem that a teacher or a student is having--that's what makes me smile.