Sound of Pride!

  • Band Camp 2019 - Complete!

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 7/18/2019

    Could not be more proud of the Sound of Pride!

    After missing 4 days of camp - we were STILL able to meet our goal of 21 pages of drill and playing and moving the first half of this year's field show! And all of that was in the past 2 days.

    There is a lot to work on to clean it up and make it better - but it is well on its way.

    Please enjoy the rest of you summer.

    Check the calendar for a rehearsal before school starts so we can rehearse everything for the first day of school.


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  • Back at It!

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 7/17/2019

    Finally we are able to be back!

    We are going to be working hard for the next couple of days to learn what we can.  We will stick to the schedule as it originally was written so that no other schedules (work appointments) for students will be interrupted.

    Awesome Job today!

    I could only show my thanks by sending you home a bit early!

    See everyone at 8AM on the practice field.


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  • Attention Parents/Guardians

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 7/6/2019

    We need you (and fruit)!

    Band Camp starts on Monday, and it is going to be very hot throughout camp.  w are asking parents/guardians to help out by donating frozen or cool fruit to help students stay cool.  Frozen grapes, watermelon, orange wedges, bananas, and popsicles are some ideas.  We are need these items from Wednesday, July 10th - Thursday July 18th.  Items can be brought to school each morning before camp starts.  Please contact Jami Lombardo, 985-498-6607 to sign up.

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  • Attention Seniors!

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 7/1/2019

    With a huge thank you to Mrs. Judi Lambert, We are are able to get the large posters for you to hang at the stadium.  Please see the Form and complete it.  Pictures will be at the school (band room) on July 19th @ 2PM.

    Even if we have to use that date as a "Rain Date" for band camp - we will be done by noon - so you will have time to make yourself ready.


    Senior Banner Form



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  • Band Camp Detailed Schedule

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 6/14/2019

    Check the link on the left side of this page.  Where it says Band Camp - Go check it out! It has the detailed camp schedule outlined for each day.  This allows you to make all the plans that you may need.  We have tried to maximize the time that we have and do our best to make sure that everyone stays healthy.  Please note:  Water breaks/fruit breaks are taken throughout the outside rehearsals and are not notated on the detailed schedule.  

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  • Band Camp Link

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/30/2019 2:00:00 PM

    On the left of this page, you will see a link to the Band Camp information for the Sound of Pride.  The daily schedule will be posted ASAP.  Please check often.

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  • Band Camp Week 1

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/30/2019 12:00:00 PM

    Week 1 of Full Camp

    8AM - 3PM

    We will begin in the band room each morning BY 8AM.

    Dismissal will be from the band room each day at 3PM.

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  • Band Camp Week 2

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/30/2019

    The schedule for week 2 is a little more in depth.

    We will begin each day at 8AM in the band room.

    The dismissal time each day is slightly different as we will have 2 evening rehearsals for the 2nd week of camp.  This will allow us to have additional field time to learn drill in the evening when it is cooler.

    Please check the CALENDAR page for times.

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  • Band Camp 2019-2020

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 4/24/2019

    The Dates have been set

    In an effort to make sure that we do not have too many conflicts, we have selected July 8 - 19. Weekends, of course, are off for you to relax and enjoy.

    We are currently working on the daily calendar to give you times.  Please do everything that you can to be in attendance s that we can get the bulk of the show taught and maximize our time to keep us from having to do too much during the school day next fall.

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  • Show 2019 - The Heart of Africa

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 4/1/2019

    The returning students voted today on the show they would like to perform for the 2019 marching season.

    This year's Selection was: The Heart of Africa

    Music comprised of: Serengeti Sunrise, Baba Yetu, Cool Shades, and Africa


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