Sound of Pride!

  • Band Camp and Football

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/23/2022

    To all of our SOP members that are also Panther Football players:

    You need to make sure that you eat a full breakfast every day.  Go to Football work outs, then hydrate, then come to band camp.  We can get you caught up.  

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  • Band Fees

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/23/2022

    We have a LARGE number of students that still owe monies to the band program for costs of clothing items that were purchased for them.

    Some owe just for the Band Polo that was adopted this year

    Some owe for the band Polo and new marching shoes

    Some owe owe for the costs the program incurred last year

    Invoices have been sent home with students multiple times.  If you are in need of a copy, email McCarter

    Text messages from the school will be going out to those students in the next 2 days

    Please email Ms. McCarter with any questions


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  • Calendar Updated

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/16/2022

    LOTS of dates have been added to the band calendar.  Marching festivals, band camp, football games - LOTS of information.

    Please take a moment and plan ahead

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  • Band Kids are Awesome Kids

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/12/2022

    Thank you SOUND of PRIDE! you all lived up to that name so very well today.  Thank you from everyone for your hard work in setting up the field for graduation tonight.  You were so efficient and quick!


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  • Band Fees - Past Due

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 5/2/2022

    We have a large number of students that still owe for band polos, marching shoes, or past band fees (from 2019).  These fees are  past due.  Please get them into the band office so that you can be taken off of the debt list for school.

    Seniors: this debt must be paid in order for you to participate in graduation ceremonies.  Make sure you contact McCarter if you have questions.

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  • Band Camp Dates

    Posted by Bonni Mccarter on 4/1/2022

    Tentative Band Camp dates have been posted for the 2022-2023 school year.  We respectfully request that you plan summer vacations around these dates so we can all progress together at a faster rate.

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