Acts Of Random Kindness

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    Prom , homecoming resses for the girls in our community



    Mrs.  Paula Landry

    Mrs. Antoinette Small


    Our Officers

    Presidents: Jeremy Orgeron   Olivia Orlando

    Secretary: Morgan Chaisson

    Vice-Presidetn: Stephen Theriot 

    Trasurer: Madeline Hover

    Reporter: Mary Catherine Reggie


    ARK CLUB 2015-2016


    We meet every other Thursday with our students during lunch. 

    Here are some of the activities we do:


    • Prom/homecoming dresses for girls around the Tri-city.
    • Police Dept. Appreciation Event. The club donated gifts to each Police department in the tri-city. (Tissue, hand sanitizers, small snack etc.)
    • You made an impact on my life Gratitude Letters. Each student must write a note to someone that has impacted their life. We collected and mail them.
    • Adopting families for Christmas. In collaboration with Foreign Language Club project.
    • Community Service Projects: The Light House Event, Myles Run, Brittany’s project, Santa’s workshop.
    • Read a book about kindness to the students Elementary and junior high and discussion.
    • ARK week: During the spring (Competitions, quotes, inspirational posters etc.)