• Welcome future scientist to the exciting world of chemistry and physics! 

    Get ready to lift off on a fascinating journey to infinity and beyond.  My name is Professor John D. Sorrel, Jr., M.Ed.  This year will mark the completion of twenty seven yeas as an educator. I wear many hats, including serving as your instructor. My primary duties at Franklin Senior High School is serving as the Physics and Physical Science instructor. I also sponsor the FSHS Engineering and Rocket Teams.  Any many circles I have become known as "Rocket Man," though I ask you refer to me as Professor Sorrel.  This nick-name was given to me due to my extensive qualification and involvement in the fields of aerospace science and engineering.  My students have made marks on the national scene throughout my career with amazing high power rockets they have designed, constructed, flown and recovered. One rocket was featured on a world wide documentary and several have broken extremely high altitudes and speeds.  Would you like to build a rocket?
    At the core of my teaching approach is "real science" and engineering to help you truly understand the world around you while developing your creative, complex and critical thinking skills through authentic problems solving. Let us move on to the heart of the matter.  
    This page will only serve as an introduction to point you toward your online “Black Board” page where announcements, course content, discussion boards, class policies, grading and more will be conducted.  Let us get our rockets all pointed on the right trajectory with some important information
    • Log on to black board every day to check for any new announcements. You are accountable to do whatever is announced.  This is your homework board and more.
    • Print lecture notes or other materials you will need for class. This is optional, but will help you in the course.
    • Look out for bonus point certificates found in announcements from time to time.
    • Check your grades often at the student/parent command center. If you have grade questions, talk to me outside of class time politely and I will be happy to help you.
    • Don’t hesitate to write if you have questions.  My contact information is below.
    My Daily Schedule at FSHS
    • 1st Block -- Physics
    • 2nd Block -- Professional
    • 3rd Block -- Physical Science
    • 4th Block -- Physical Science 

    With Warmest Regards,


    Professor John D. Sorrel, Jr., M.Ed.

    Physics/Astronomy Instructor

    Franklin High School

    St Mary Parish Virtual Learning Program

    Email: jsorrel@stmaryk12.net

    Phone: 337-828-0143