• GRADUATION HONORS: (St. Mary Parish Policy)

    Students graduation within the following GPA requirements will be recognized for their accomplishments:

    Summa Cum Laude = GPA of 4.00 to 3.75

    Magna Cum Laude = GPA of 3.749 to 3.50

    Cum Laude = GPA of 3.49 to 3.00

    Midterm Graduates

    Midterm graduates are not considered students after midterm, but may participate in prom and graduation ceremonies if they are in GOOD STANDING.

    Early Graduates

    Students who elect to graduate at the end of their junior year are still considered juniors until all requirements are met. Early Graduates may participate in graduation ceremonies.

    Berwick Project Graduation

    Each year, BHS seniors who officially graduate by the required deadlines are invited to attend Berwick Project Graduation (BPG). BPG was established to offer a safe party site for all graduating seniors and to celebrate as a class. This event is not directly related to BHS and is governed by a community committee.

    Ø Parents of ALL grade levels are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and participate in the fundraising events/activities. Meeting notifications will be sent via text and posted on the school website.

    Ø Students are charged $20 dollars to attend. This will cover basic fees and an event t-shirt.  All attendees will receive prizes throughout the event.

    Ø Proper behavior is required of all students attending.

    Ø Students are required to attend for the time period stated for the whole event.

    Ø Questions can be emailed to Chairperson, Alita Boudreaux.