High School Credit and Attendance Recovery

  • St. Mary Parish offers a credit recovery program at each high school site called the Accelerated Student Academic Program (ASAP). Students in grades 9-12 who are academically behind and at risk of not graduating on time may be eligible.

    • The School Building Level Committee (SBLC) will be used to determine eligibility.
    • Student selection will be based upon age, academic need, graduation plan, or other documented extenuating circumstances.
    • Students participating in the ASAP program will be held to all St. Mary Parish attendance and disciplinary policies.
    • Eligible students can earn two (2) Carnegie credits in a school year. Waivers to this provision may be appealed to the superintendent’s office.

    Courses will be offered through Edgenuity Courseware in computer labs based at each school site. Academic requirements are met by

    1. Completing a prescriptive examination for the selected course to determine the needed modules (lessons).
    2. Completing the assigned modules.
    3. Scoring a minimum of 67% on the course summative assessment.

    Upon successful completion of the academic and attendance requirements, the student will be assigned a letter grade based upon the overall cumulative grade earned in the course.  The ASAP grade will not replace a failed grade but will be averaged into the student’s overall GPA.

    Students who exceed the allowable days to earn a Carnegie credit may make up the time in an Attendance Recovery Program. Students needing more than seven (7) days of attendance recovery should be referred to the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) for the granting of additional recovery time.



    Updated 07/6/2022
    Kristin Percle