Dual Enrollment

  • Dual enrollment is the simultaneous enrollment of a student at both high school and college in which the student receives credit on both high school and college transcripts for the same course. Students may enroll in college courses at local technical, community, and/or four-year colleges through their school counselor. Students enrolled in a college course follow the college curriculum. The course is taught by either the college instructor or a high school instructor who is approved to teach the college course. 

    Who Qualifies?

    Students must meet the admission standards of the college awarding the credit. Admissions standards vary depending on the requirements of the partner institution. Parents should contact the individual institution and/or a professional school counselor to discuss admission standards and other details regarding dual enrollment. 

    What if a Student Chooses to Drop the College Course?

    A high school student must follow the dates set forth by the post-secondary institution for dropping a course. Dual enrollment students are responsible for verifying the drop date posted by the university or college course. Students wishing to remove themselves from the course by the drop date should notify the classroom teacher and the school guidance counselor. 

    Where do I get More Information?

    Guidance counselors can advise students on dual credit opportunities available at each high school.


    Updated 07/6/2022
    Kristin Percle