Concurrent or Dual Enrollment Program

  • St. Mary Parish offers high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit before ever setting foot on a university campus. Our program brings the college or university to high school by offering college level classes that cater to high school students in their own familiar environment and with greater convenience to them.

    Who Qualifies?

    Students enrolling in dual or concurrent college programs must meet the eligibility requirements of GPA and ACT set by the college or university.

    How Do Students Enroll?

    Only serious students should enroll as enrollment affects a student’s college transcript. High school juniors and seniors enroll by completing an application form issued by the college or university.

    What if a Student Chooses to Drop the College Course?

    A high school student must follow the dates set forth by the college for dropping a course. A student shall follow the college academic calendar posted on the university website concerning dropping a course and the grade earned for the college credit.  Concurrent or dually enrolled students are responsible for notifying and verifying their drop of the university or college course.

    Where do I get More Information?

    Guidance counselors can advise students on concurrent and dual credit opportunities available at each high school.



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