Smoking/Tobacco Policy

  • In accordance with the Tobacco-Free Act of Louisiana, all properties owned and operated by the St. Mary Parish School District is tobacco-free. “Properties” is defined as school buildings and grounds, as well as any mode of transportation owned and operated by St. Mary Parish School District.  Additionally, any and all forms of tobacco are strictly prohibited at all school related events, whether the event is scheduled during regular school hours or after school hours.  This policy refers to any and all persons including staff, students, and visitors.  


    Students who are found to be in possession of tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia on school board property (including school vans, trucks, and/or buses) during the school day, as well as after school hours, will be subjected to the following discipline procedure:  

    Upon violation of this policy, students will be assigned to the in-school suspension center.  In addition, the student and a parent must attend a health educational session. The session will be presented by a Safe and Drug-Free Schools Coordinator.

    Failure to complete either the in-school suspension assignment or the educational session may result in a hearing with the Child Welfare Supervisor.

    A second violation of this policy in one calendar school year could result in further disciplinary action.

    NOTE: Parental permission to use tobacco or have tobacco paraphernalia does not exempt a student from this policy. 


    The principal / assistant principal will: 

    1. Confiscate the tobacco/paraphernalia
    2. Call the parent/legal guardian of the student to come to the school for a conference on the day of the infraction
    3. Assign the student to the in-school suspension center
    4. Assign and explain the health educational session which is mandatory for both student and parent to attend
    5. Have the parent sign the appropriate documentation
    6. Make a copy of the signed documentation
    7. Call and send a copy of the signed documentation to the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Department for scheduling
    8. Check for student certificate of completion

    Note: This policy also includes random parking lot searches: if tobacco/paraphernalia is visible or found in a vehicle driven by the student, the student may also be subject to the above discipline procedure.


    • Cigarette(s)
    • Electronic cigarette(s)
    • Cigars
    • Lighters
    • Matches

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