• The St. Mary Parish School Board prohibits the engagement of students, faculty, and staff in the involvement of hazing in any public elementary and secondary schools.


    According to R.S. 17:183, “hazing” means any knowing behavior, whether by commission or omission, of any student to encourage, direct, order, or participate in any activity that subjects another student to potential physical, mental, or psychological harm for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, continued membership in, or acceptance by existing members of any organization or extracurricular activity at a public elementary or secondary school, whether such behavior is planned or occurs on or off school property, including any school bus and school bus stop.

    1. Solicitation to engage in hazing is prohibited.
    2. Aiding and abetting another person who engages in hazing is prohibited.
    3. The consent of the hazing victim is not a defense.
    4. All students, teachers, coaches, club sponsors, and other school employees shall take reasonable measures within the scope of their individual authority to prevent hazing.


    1. The victim of hazing shall report violators to any faculty, staff or administrators.
    2. Faculty, staff, and students that have knowledge of the violation of the hazing policy must report incident to principal/assistant principal.
    3. The principal/assistant principal shall conduct a thorough investigation.
    4. The principal/assistant principal must report the result of his/her investigation to the Child Welfare and Attendance supervisor of his designee.


    1. Detention
    2. In/out school suspension
    3. Suspension pending hearing
    4. Alternative school setting
    5. Expulsion

    NOTE: In cases when the victim has been severely physically, mentally or psychologically harmed, the police department will be contacted and criminal charges filed.



    Reviewed 07/16/2023
    Rachael Sanders, Ed. D.