Fighting Policy

  • The St. Mary Parish School Board explicitly prohibits violence of any nature on the school grounds, or in school buildings (whatever time), and/ or when riding school buses, including any school-sponsored event which may be held away from the school.

    Therefore, students who are implicated / participated in a physical altercation (i.e., fight) shall be subject to the following procedure:


    The principal / assistant principal will: 

    1. Conduct a thorough investigation.
    2. Call the parent / legal guardian of the student(s) involved to come to the school. (Depending on the nature / severity of the incident)
    3. Have the authority to:
      1. Elementary: Suspend student(s) after a thorough investigation (grades PK - 5)
      2. Junior/Senior High:
        1. Notify the police to have student(s) removed (grades 6 - 12)
        2. Assign student(s) to the in-school suspension center (grades 6 - 12)
        3. Suspension
        4. Suspension with recommendation for expulsion.

    Furthermore, in fights of a more serious nature, where weapons are involved, where multiple students (three or more) are involved, student(s) must be suspended pending a hearing with the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor which could result in an expulsion.


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