Student Code of Conduct


    The St. Mary Parish School Board and the State of Louisiana have adopted laws and policies for every teacher to hold every student to a strict accountability for any disorderly conduct in school or attending school events, on the street or bus going to or returning from school, or during intermission or recess.

    School discipline includes options of counseling, student conferences, corporal punishment, student adjustment centers, suspension, and/or expulsion.  In all cases, the discipline should be positive, constructive, and directed toward serving educational ends.  While the individual rights of a student must be considered, the order and stability of the educational institution must be preserved.  The ultimate responsibility of a student's conduct rests with the student and his or her parent.


    Any teacher or other school employee may report to the principal any student who acts in a disorderly manner or is in violation of school rules, or any misconduct or violation of school rules by a student who may or may not be known to the teacher or employee. 


    • Incidents of alleged discipline violations shall be reported on the School Behavior Report form/School Bus Behavior Report form provided by the Louisiana Department of Education. 

    • The forms shall be submitted in accordance with procedures outlined by the School District, the Superintendent, and school system personnel. The principal shall review and act upon such information submitted, to determine if suspension or other disciplinary action is necessary. 


    Should the principal fail to act on any report of misconduct or school violation, he/she shall explain the reasons for doing so to the Superintendent or his/her designee and to the teacher or school employee, student, parent, or legal guardian reporting the violation. 



    Any school administrator or administrator's designee who is required to make a recommendation, decide an issue, or act in a matter involving the discipline of a student shall recuse himself/herself whenever a member of the immediate family of the administrator or administrator's designee is involved in any manner in the discipline matter.  In case of recusal, the action to be taken shall be done so by the Superintendent or an impartial designee of the Superintendent. Immediate family means the individual's children, brothers, sisters, parents, and spouse and the children, brothers, sisters, and parents of the spouse.