Education of Dyslexic Students

  • Dyslexia Policy R.S. 17:7 (11) requires that the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education provide for dyslexic students within the regular education program. The St. Mary Parish District Dyslexia Screening Policy has been created in accordance with Bulletin 1903, Regulations and Guidelines for Implementation of the Louisiana Law for the Education of Dyslexic Students.

    All St. Mary Parish Schools will administer the Universal Screening for Dyslexia & Related Disorders by the end of the third nine-weeks to all second grade students and any third grade students who have not yet been screened because they are new to our parish or state.  The Dyslexia Screening Specialist at each school site is responsible for the coordination of the Universal Screening on that campus.  Classroom teachers will also participate in the administration of certain sections of the Universal Screening.  Parents have a right to refuse this screening.  If, during this screening, a student is found to be at risk, parents will be notified and concerns will be discussed.

    St. Mary Parish School Board has adopted several programs to fulfill the mandates of this law, such as Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, Moby Max, and to address the criteria of a multi-sensory regular education program defined as “one in which the major instructional strategies are language-based, intensive phonetic, synthetic to analytic phonetics, linguistic, systematic, sequential, cumulative, individualized, meaning-based and multi-sensory in approach.”

    If you have any concerns about screening for dyslexia, first call your child’s teacher or the Dyslexia Screening Specialist at the school your child attends.  If you have further questions about the screening process, you may contact Rachael Sanders, the St. Mary Parish Dyslexia Consultant at (337) 836-9661.

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