Health Services

  • The St. Mary Parish School Board General Nursing Department offersservices by a Registered Nurse for student health needs during school hours. These services are provided by EPSDT Medicaid programs, Department of Education General School Health programs or community healthcare providers which include individual health plans, individual accommodation plans, screening of vision and hearing according to grade level and state statues, dental education, health services and procedures. The School District is notifying parents to obtain permission for the St. Mary Parish School Board to file for services with Medicaid, if the child is eligible. The newspaper serves as initial notice for consent regarding Medicaid reimbursement. The district also requests parental consent to disclose the child’s personal identifiable information (full name, address, date of birth, and Medicaid ID) to the Medicaid Program to bill for services. Allowing the district to bill for these services will not impact the child’s Medicaid limits for any other services being billed by a private provider. Your consent simply provides the school system with important funding needed to enhance services available to students. Parents may withdraw consent in writing at any time. If parents refuse or withdraw consent to allow access to Medicaid benefits, the school system will remain responsible for conducting scheduled services and screening. 



    All immunization records will be checked at least annually through the Louisiana Immunization Network System (LINKS). Student vaccines should follow the recommended schedule of immunizations by age; accelerated schedule for students with late vaccines; or the required vaccination for entry into daycare and schools.  Students without the required vaccines will not be enrolled nor be allowed to remain in school until the necessary up-to-date records are presented to school officials. 



    See the state health vaccine record for students entering school at the following website under the document center immunization schedule: 



    The following are guidelines for the safe administration of medications at school during school hours.  Administering of medications at school is for long term use not short-term use. Parents should contact school nurses with any questions or concerns with their children or services assigned to their child’s school.) 


    The parent or guardian shall: 

    • Provide the school with a written order from the physician detailing the name of the drug, dosage, and time interval medication is to be taken at school for each medication required.  They must provide new doctor orders every time dosage is changed during the year and meet with the school nurse with each change.  A medication form order may be obtained at the school on intranet or the parish website. 

    • Go to the school to meet with the school nurse and sign a permission/release form allowing school personnel to comply with the physician’s orders.  This must be done before any medication can be accepted or administered at the school. 

    • Bring medication to the school in a container appropriately labeled by a pharmacy with privileges to practice in State of Louisiana with the child’s name, dosage, and time by the pharmacy or physician.  Parents or legal guardian must bring the doctors’ orders and medication together to meet with the school nurse. The school nurse will implement the student’s plan of treatment as ordered by physician and train the district personnel on each student’s plan. 

    • Review drug action and possible side effects of medications, and complete and sign the care/emergency plan or an individual accommodation plan/health plan with the nurse.  They will also provide working phone numbers for the school in case of an emergency. 

    • Bring medication to school before the child is out of medication to assure continuance of care and count the pills and sign with school personnel. 

    • Be allowed to administer medication to their child during school hours.  This excludes current medications that have already been accepted by the school nurse. 

    The parent or guardians shall not: 

    • Send medication to school with the child. 

    • Bring medication to school that is in an envelope, bag, or a bottle that is not for the student.   

    The school will: 

    • Provide a school nurse to receive the doctor’s orders. 

    • Start a plan for each student after assessing the child’s needs. 

    • Inspect properly marked medication bottle for agreement with doctor’s orders. 

    • Administer medication at the doctor’s ordered time.  Medication is to be given by the school nurse or designated trained unlicensed school personnel under the supervision of the school nurse. 

    • Notify the parent or legal guardian when medication supplies become low.  


    The St. Mary Parish School Board recognizes the importance of protecting the health and welfare of students, teachers, and other employees of the educational system from the spread of communicable diseases.  Therefore, at the May 10, 1990, regular meeting, the Board adopted a Communicable Disease Control Policy which can be reviewed at the Central Office Complex, 474 Highway 317, Centerville, La. 

    • No student will be allowed in school with a possible contagious disease. 

    • The student may re-enter school when free of such disease and/or with a physician's statement stating that his/her condition is not contagious. 

    • Students sent home with pediculosis (lice) shall not re-enter school when there is evidence of “live lice” present in the hair. The district will follow the State Communicability Policy through the Office of Public Health. 


    The general school nurse provides the following additional services: 

    • Vision screening - Grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1, 3, 5, and 7. 

    • Hearing screening - Same as vision. 

    • Screening of any communicable diseases and vaccination programs. Anytime a child is found to have what appears to be a problem in these areas, the students are rechecked, and parents are notified by letters or phone calls.  They are given an opportunity to seek private care.  The nurse can assist with local organizations to help those who cannot afford private care.  The nurses will follow-up the referral to determine, if the recommended care has been provided. 

    • School nurses conduct conferences in matters which affect performance with parent, student, teacher, and other health resource persons as needed or requested. 

    • American Pediatric Periodicity Screenings schedules are performed annually in accordance with state statutes. 

    • Dental health education is provided to first graders utilizing the volunteer services of local dentist. 


    The St. Mary Parish School Board, in accordance with statutory requirements, shall require all students in grades 7 through 12, except those who’s religious and/or personal beliefs conflict herewith, to be given instruction in health education including health promotion and sexually transmitted disease prevention according to Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) approved Grade Level Expectations.  


    The health and physical education teacher shall provide health promotion and sexually transmitted disease prevention instruction as a part of the regular physical education program. The school principal in conjunction with the school counselor and school nurse shall develop a schedule for the instruction to exclude sixth graders and dents whose parents opt out of the instruction. Parents may request an Opt-Out letter from their child’s school counselor or P.E. teacher. 



    The St. Mary Parish School Board, in accordance with statutory requirements, shall require all female students in grades seven through twelve, except those whose religious beliefs conflict herewith, to be given instruction in the proper procedures for breast self-examination and the need for an annual Pap test for cervical cancer.  


    The school nurse shall provide this instruction once every two (2) years as a part of the regular physical education program. The school nurse shall work with the principal to develop a schedule for the instruction. 


    A written statement from the parent or guardian stating there is a conflict with religious beliefs and/or personal beliefs shall be filed with the principal of the school and shared with the school counselor to excuse a student from receiving this instruction. 



    It shall be the responsibility of the pregnant student to furnish the nurse with a written statement from her physician containing the following information: 

    • The fact that a student is pregnant and expected date of delivery. 

    • The length of time she may attend regular classes. 

    • Specific recommendations for participating in all school activities. 

    • Recommendations regarding transportation for students to and from school on buses. 

    • The student will provide necessary paperwork for homebound instruction before the date of confinement.          

    • Students may legally withdraw from school at any time a request is made from a student or parent. 


    • Principal or other personnel shall be responsible for administering first aid.  Parents and/or family physician shall be notified immediately when illness or injury appears to be serious in nature. 

    • In case of serious illness or injury when parents are unable to be located, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be activated by calling 911 for transport with Acadian Ambulance and the financial cost will be assumed by the parents.