Foreign Exchange Students

  •  The St. Mary Parish School Board welcomes foreign exchange students to enroll in the system.  Our past experience has been positive and rewarding for both the exchange student and the students of St. Mary Parish.

    The following guidelines must be adhered to before enrollment in the St. Mary Parish School System:

    1. Contact the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor for an I-20 Application.
    2. Students must speak fluent English.
    3. Present a copy of their transcript written in English that includes total minutes per class by June 1.
    4. A course description of courses taken written in English.
    5. Payment in full from the agency by June 1. No refund will be given to any students canceled or withdrawn from the program.
    6. Placement of each student is at the sole discretion of the St. Mary Parish school personnel.

    NOTE: Foreign exchange students are not eligible to earn a diploma.



    Reviewed 07/16/2021
    Kenneth Holmes