Bus Transportation Guidelines


    The school bus is an extension of the school building; therefore, all school bus behavior incidents shall be reported to school administration within one (1) school day. At no time shall the bus operator assume authority for suspending bus privileges or taking disciplinary action. Consequences for documented behaviors are issued by school administrators. If the administrator determines that the behavior warrants the suspension of bus rider privileges, it shall be the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation during the period of the bus suspension. A student enrolled in grades Pre-K through five shall not be suspended from riding on any school bus if the behavior is not tied to willful disregard of school policies. In addition to disciplinary consequences, any student damaging a school bus shall be subject to restitution and shall not be permitted to ride any bus until acceptable provisions of restitution have been made. 




    • All schools shall be provided with the School Bus Behavior Report Form, which shall be completed on any occasion when a pupil's conduct on a bus is unsatisfactory. 

    • One copy of the School Bus Behavior Report Form shall be signed by the parents and returned to the school principal.  In all such cases a pupil shall be permitted to continue to ride the bus until transportation privileges have been denied by action taken by the appropriate school administrator. 

    • In cases of severe misconduct, the principal or designee may temporarily suspend the pupil's bus privilege until appropriate disciplinary action is taken.  The pupil's parents should be immediately notified of the temporary suspension. 

    • Immediately after taking disciplinary action, the principal, or designee, shall sign and shall indicate the disciplinary action taken on the School Bus Behavior Report Form.  Copies of the report shall be distributed to the pupil's file; to the parent; and to the bus operator.  A copy of the report may also be sent to the Superintendent or designee. 

    • The event of an appeal of the principal's decision by parents, a hearing may be scheduled by the Superintendent. 



    The St. Mary Parish School Board operates 62 school buses transporting approximately 5,000 school children twice daily. For you to understand the regulations covering the conduct of your child while he/she is riding a school bus, the following information is provided for a safer and more efficient transportation program.   


    NOTE: Law enforcement will be called to tend to students who fight on a school bus. 


    • Students must be on time at a designated stop. Time of stop can vary 10 minutes before published time and or 10 minutes after published time.  

    • No student will be allowed to ride another bus or be discharged at a different stop without permission from the School Administrator and School Board Office. 

    • Students must obey the driver. 

    • Keep the bus clean and sanitary. No eating or drinking on the bus.  

    • Anyone purposely damaging, cutting, or breaking school property will be disciplined and required to pay for damages.  

    • No teasing, pulling hair, scuffling, or using profane language.  

    • Do not extend arms, head, or objects out of window or door.  

    • Remain seated. If assigned to a seat by the driver, stay in that seat.  

    • Use inside voices when talking. No yelling or screaming.  

    • Obtain permission from the driver before opening windows. 

    • No student should expect special privileges. 

    • Keep the center aisle clear of feet, books, or objects that may obstruct the walkway.  

    • Keep all hands, feet, objects, and negative comments to yourself.  

    • The following band instruments are not allowed on the bus: Marching Trombone; Flugel Horn; Marching Baritone (in GIG BAG); Euphonium (in GIG BAG); Bell Kit; Snare Kit (high school square case type). 

    • Items not allowed on the bus: pets/animals, glass objects (except eyeglasses), weapons (including knives); objects too large to be held in your lap or placed under your seat, tobacco, matches, cigarettes, lighters, vapes, obscene material, any illegal substance.