Safe and Drug-Free Schools

  • The St. Mary Parish Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities (SDFSC) Program has been in existence now for over 25 years.  While the scope and magnitude of this program has multiplied during this time, the premise remains the same: Prevention through education.  Additionally, the program networks with parents, law enforcement, government agencies, the judicial system, and businesses, as well as health and human resources.  Through the strides of this program, safety features, prevention, intervention, and post-vention services have been instituted. 

    The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program operates in all schools grades PreK-12th.  In the elementary grades, the curriculum/program offerings include drug education, comprehensive health, peer mediation, character education, and conflict resolution.   In the junior and senior high grades, the curriculum/program offerings include drug education, character education and PBIS.   Random drug dog detection and metal detector searches are also a part of the prevention efforts of this program.  Additionally, Safe and Drug Free Schools coordinator provides intervention education for students who have violated the parish substance abuse policy. 

    Moreover, the program has in place a speaker’s bureau on a variety of subjects designed to meet the needs of local schools, churches, civic organizations, businesses and any other agencies. The program coordinator manages the local Red Ribbon Campaign, the Safe and Sober Prom Campaign.

    Furthermore, the program coordinator (1) conducts CPI training for staff; (2) oversees the PBIS initiative and the D. A. R. E. Program; (3) facilitates the Student Victim Impact Panel and Tobacco Education classes; (4) provides Suicide Prevention Awareness and Bullying Prevention trainings for staff and students; (5) responds to Crisis Management; (6) conducts conflict resolution and peer mediation trainings for students.

    Parents with questions or concerns about the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program should contact the School Board Office at (337) 836-9661.  Inquiries may be addressed to Safe and Drug Free Coordinator Sarah Theriot, or Ronnie Louis, Supervisor of Student Services. 


    Updated 06/26/2023
    Ronnie Louis