St. Mary Parish School Policies


     A cover letter to A Guide for St. Mary Parish Public Schools must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the school within five (5) days after students enter school.  The signature of the parent or guardian does not indicate approval or disapproval, but simply that they have read the policies carefully.


    Sections of the St. Mary Parish School's A Guide for St. Mary Parish Public Schools will be published in the Spanish language at the request of those parents and/or guardians of Spanish speaking students.  Parents and/or guardians must make the request at the school(s) in which his or her child and/or children attends.


     Anyone entering any school in St. Mary Parish for the first time is required to present a CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH, IMMUNIZATION RECORD, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, and PROOF OF RESIDENCY WITHIN SCHOOL'S ATTENDANCE ZONE.  Social Security numbers will be used for student identification.  All immunization records must be up-to-date in order to register. 


     Students have both the right and the responsibility to express school related concerns and grievances to the administration in a responsible manner.

     For the discussion and consideration of a grievance, any student or group of students should request a meeting time and place of the school principal.  One faculty member of the student's choice may be present at such meetings.  Such time and place will be designated immediately upon request.  



    Reviewed 07/19/2021
    Joseph Stadalis