St. Mary Parish Public Schools General Provisions


    Sections of this district handbook for students and parents will be printed in Spanish at the request of parents and/or guardians.  These requests are to be made at school.  



    Students registering at a St. Mary Parish public school are required to present a certification of birth, current immunization record, social security card, and proof of residency to determine the correct attendance zone.  Social Security numbers are used only for student identification. 



    Students have both the right and the responsibility to express school-related concerns and grievances to the administration in a responsible manner. For the discussion and consideration of a grievance, any student or group of students should request a meeting time and place of the school principal.  One faculty member of the student's choice may be present at such meetings.  Such time and place will be designated immediately upon request.  



    St. Mary Parish Public Schools complies with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1987. In the interest of future safety and in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency and State Department of Health regulations, the St. Mary Parish School System monitors all assumed asbestos-containing building materials every six months to verify that they have not become friable or damaged. Copies of the Management Plans for all buildings are available for viewing in the office of the principal. Should you have any questions, contact the school principal or the designated person: Brad Wiese, Supervisor of Maintenance (337) 836-9661. 



    Reviewed 07/12/2023
    Rachael Sanders, Ed. D.