Newspaper Cover Letter

  • Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Federal, State, and School Board regulations require that the St. Mary Parish School Board provide all parents/ guardians with critical information relevant to educational mandates and policies.

    As a result, A GUIDE FOR ST. MARY PARISH PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2021-2022 is made available to all student and their parents on the district website: It is extremely important that parents/ guardians carefully review each section and remain informed regarding the policies and procedures that guide their child's school. Because the Guide is published digitally, it can be readily translated into different languages using the Translator button in the upper left corner of the website.

    Students will be provided with a letter to be signed by parents/guardians and returned to the school indicating that publication has been reviewed. Schools will additionally provide parents/guardians with a student handbook that outlines school-based guidelines.

    Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.


    Kenneth E. Alfred, President


    Updated 07/21/2021
    School Board President